How to Surrender, Detach, and Trust Your Higher Self with Donna Bond

How to Surrender, Detach, and Trust Your Higher Self with Donna Bond

Igniter of Light, Donna Bond, joins us to talk about empowering your higher self to help your human self!

They say that in order to manifest your dreams you have to “detach” from the outcome. But how?! Well, that’s a big part of what we dive into in this episode.

Some other topics you’ll find in this conversation are…
✨ How your beliefs really do create our world
✨ Your “higher self” vs “human self”
✨ The enneagram, gene keys, and other personality profiles
✨ Coming out of the spiritual closet
✨ Why we limit ourselves when we think we are smarter than the Universe
✨ Some of the best questions to ask yourself to improve your life now
And so much more!

Tune in if you’re ready to totally change (or simply start improving) your life from the inside out.

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