The Retreat

LovingYour Sweet Self

Loving Your Sweet Self

Does life feel out of balance? Do things look okay on the outside, but you feel like something is missing on the inside? Is everyday Groundhog Day?

Maybe the world changed and you want to feel more alive. You just want to be happy – deep inside yourself, regardless of how crazy the world gets.

Perhaps you feel stuck searching for something different. But you’re not even sure what it is you want. It’s overwhelming. Frustrating. Scary. This is a sign of your turning point. There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken.

If you are longing for something deeper, for more enrichment, for more aliveness, I invite you to stay.

Align Your Heart

Cultivate More compassion and self acceptance

For The Woman Who

Crossed their ‘goal-line’ but feels something stronger tugging in the distance

Is walking the path of self-discovery and feminine leadership

Is trying to make a difference in the world

Wants a relationship that reflects a true partnership

Is unapologetically ready, to be more of her divine, powerful self

Wants more energy, aliveness and enthusiasm for life

Wants her joy and aliveness to radiate from the inside

Join Us For Our 3.5 Day Retreat

Over The Long Weekend You’ll

  • Let go of the “doing” and discover new Ways of Being
  • Strengthen the trust in yourself and your higher power
  • Identify patterns that prevent you from getting what you want
  • Gain clarity on your life direction, and what really matters to you
  • Become less critical and judgmental of yourself and others
  • Connect and share with other women in a loving, safe and confidential space
  • Relax into guided processes and be deeply heard and feel truly seen
  • Move into a deep level of compassion and loving acceptance for all the parts of your sweet self
  • Learn self-honoring practices that include your human self and your higher self
  • Get personal coaching from Donna while being supported by like-minded women

What if you stopped questioning yourself and no longer lived according to everyone else’s plan?

I Need To Ask,

What if you could figure out what makes you feel most alive and start trusting yourself at the deepest level? What if you could discover what really matters to you? What if you could stop all the “doing” that keeps you trapped in a loop? If you could learn how to let go of self-doubt, self-betrayal and self-sabotage and discover a new way to Be? What if you could meet all the parts of yourself with love and compassion and really begin honoring your sweet self?

If you’re ready to see yourself in a new light, to let go of old identities and old patterns, to emerge with a new level of confidence and a deep level of inner knowing, consider coming. If you’re ready to meet yourself with love, acceptance, compassion and learn how to honor your sweet self, come.

You’re the only one who can create the time for you.

Discover A Deeper Connection

This Weekend Is About You And You. YOU ARE THE ONE YOU SEEK.

Imagine living in a totally grounded state of complete inner knowing, self-trust, self-love and acceptance.

Together, we’ll explore how to acknowledge, appreciate and honor all of your humanness while also allowing the highest, unconditionally loving aspect of you to begin taking up greater residence in your consciousness.

Let’s increase your enthusiasm for life and strengthen your inspiration to live with authentic joy, purpose and vitality. 

Inside you long for more.

The Experience

Renew The Power Of The Authentic You

As a participant in Loving Your Sweet Self, over 3.5 days with like-minded women you will:

  • Let go of the “doing” and discover new Ways of Being
  • Practice transformative activities to open your heart
  • Gain clarity on life’s direction and what really matters
  • Experience emotional and healing breakthroughs
  • Bring awareness and understanding of your Higher Self
  • Strengthen Trust in yourself and the universe
  • Discover and align with your Soul’s purpose
  • Relax and restore with sacred quality time for yourself
  • Experience beautiful Southern California
  • Feel pampered in our private estate event space in Rancho Santa Fe
  • Healing processes and activities with guide book 
  • Mouth-watering cuisine and freshly made fare daily
  • One 1-to-1 coaching session with Donna

Apply Today To Attend Our October SoCal Retreat.

It will be my honor to guide you through the beautiful weekend that is Loving Your Sweet Self

With Love From Donna

I see your Light and I know how much you want to express your true self with the world. I see the part of you that is made of Love. I know you feel so much pressure from life. Like it’s all on you. That it’s not going according to plan. I can see new possibilities for you. I know you’ve got the potential to release the old patterns holding you back, so you can feel liberated and alive and begin living on purpose.

I wish you could see what I see. I wish for you to know deeply that you are far more powerful than you’ve been pretending. Maybe you do. I wish that you could love yourself enough to release exhaustion and self doubt. That you would find clarity around your purpose. That you would stop spending your precious time and life force energy doing things that don’t light you up. That you would take risks and pursue that big dream you’ve hidden away in the back of the closet.

Deep down, maybe you’re afraid you’ll never experience your full potential, and you and this life will always be just “okay” but never magical, meaningful, amazing and filled with true connection and love. 

I invite you to join us. To experience the true freedom and aliveness in aligning your inner truth and your outer experience – to shorten the distance between your head and your heart – to fully integrate all of your whole sweet self. 

It will be my honor to welcome you.

October 17-20 2024 Thursday through Sunday

Thursday October 17th-20th, 2024: Arrival begins at 12pm noon, and the retreat starts at 1pm

We’ll complete the weekend around 3pm Sunday October 20, 2024

The retreat will take place in a private estate in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92109

Your investment includes *Retreat Processes and Activities *Lunch and dinner each day *Group coaching *Guide book *Private Estate Venue Thursday through Sunday October 24th, 2024 through mid-day Sunday October 27th, 2024. The retreat does not include overnight hotel accommodations but we do offer a special rate at a nearby hotel.

We want to make sure you’re a good fit and that you’re ready for the depth of the work we will be doing. Once we review your application, if you’re a good fit you’ll receive an invitation to join us, a contract to sign, and link to pay. If you’d like to set up a clarity call and get your questions answered or if you don’t hear back from us please email

The investment you make in yourself for this retreat cannot be underestimated. The processes and tools you will be given are designed to support you in your continued personal evolution, long after the retreat. The time investment is a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday and however long it takes you to travel to Southern California. The financial investment, when you pay in full is $3000 without hotel accommodations.

With 4 nights of accommodations at Hotel Indigo, the investment is $4,200

Deposit of $1,500 holds your place with balance due of $1,800 without accommodations or $2,700 with accommodation by June 1, 2024 to secure your place.

If you would like to benefit from the special rate secured at Hotel Indigo, you can reflect that on your application. If you would like to find your own accommodations, that is fine as well.

The address will be provided to registered participants. If you’re staying locally at a hotel, Lyft or Uber is available or sometimes people car pool when multiple people stay at the same hotel.

Due to the limited availability of this program, cancellations after August 1st, 2024 are non refundable.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you still have! Please reach out to and let us know what feels unclear. We’d love to support you with answering any questions or getting you a clarity call with Donna.