It’s time to reclaim your Authentic Inner Power

Stop believing you’re inadequate,
Start integrating your Highest Self into your Human journey,
And live in alignment with your Original Wisdom.

Let’s Wake You Up to Your Authentic inner power

So you can experience a reclamation of your own aliveness and a renewed reverence for your life.

Let’s Wake You Up to Your Authentic inner power

So you can experience a reclamation of your own aliveness and a renewed reverence for your life.

7 authentic Power Practices

To Shift Your Consciousness

So you can stop doubting yourself & start Trusting your authentic personal power

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Higher Human Integration™ method is the full embrace of both your Higher Self and Your Human Self. It’s the recognition that you are a spiritual Being making an epic human journey. It’s an uplifted way to relate to yourself and your world with  more intention and from a higher consciousness.  

Higher Human Integration leads to new Ways of Being. It frees you from the struggle of inner doubt and not enoughness healing your consciousness of old debris you no longer need.  You then embody your natural joy, share your inherent gifts and experience real meaning and fulfillment in your life. All while being grounded in your authentic personal power. 

Higher Human Integration recalibrates your perceptions. 

It’s designed to:

  • Evolve limiting thought patterns through a possibility Mind-Set
  • Heal destructive emotional blocks through a compassionate Heart-Set
  • Remedy sabotaging behavior by applying new Skill-Sets
  • Activate your authentic power by embodying your Soul-Set

The result is alignment between your Higher Self and your Human Self. Learning to live from here you experience deep self-trust, inspired courage, genuine resilience, compassionate self-connection, and authentic empowerment for the journey you make as you fulfill your highest purpose.

Original Wisdom is what is true within you. It’s the inherent intelligence in all of us that is rooted in Unconditional Love.

Welcome, I’m Donna Bond.

I support conscious women who are ready to challenge the status quo. Women who have done all the left-brained, analytical “stuff” who now realize more logic might get you more money in your retirement account, but it’s not going to get you more joy, aliveness, freedom or liberation. It isn’t going to get you to the higher level you’re really looking for. With my guidance, women cut through the noise, align with their soul, and reorder their life in accordance with their original wisdom.

I’m the executive’s spiritual coach. I’m here to show you how to empower your highest self on your epic human adventure.

I know you want to be in the flow, and in your power. You want to feel centered, grounded, and anchored in your Truth, in an immovable way, while at the same time, remaining open, flexible, changeable and willing to evolve. You long to feel genuinely connected and alive and want to give yourself permission to lead from your heart instead of your head.

You do know this space inside of you. It’s just gotten covered up. This is a place of peace, creativity and aliveness where it feels like anything is possible. From this place it’s easy to recognize, to connect, honor, and have a reverence for your whole life, for all of your experiences, your relationships, your epic journey. When you authentically live from this space, you are part of life itself, with all of its moving, changing, flowing and growing expressions. What I’m sharing about is a way of being, It’s Whole-Self Mastery (™)

What would it be like to break free of the self-imposed limitations that silently keep you stuck and to experience a higher view of your life crystalizing what brings you alive so you can make it happen?  Have you ever wanted to feel “on purpose” and to know deeply why you are here?

In the middle of my life, I stopped following the status quo and started following my higher guidance. I walked away from an orderly career that was suffocating my aliveness and reinvented myself and my life from the inside out. I stopped following physical law and started aligning with universal law. I swapped the corporate ladder for a spiritual path and discovered my original wisdom naturally emanating qualities like joy, meaning, fulfillment and abundance. I stopped chasing all the validation out in the physical world and started recognizing my own divine inheritance. 

I let go of what I thought I knew and opened myself to the wisdom of my inner knower. I let go of old stories of not-enoughness and a false sense of artificial power and I started aligning with life instead of fighting against it. I began flowing through all of its craziness from a grounded place of authentic inner power. 

I am in awe of the extraordinary human potential inside each one of us. 

My mission is to help you remember who you really are, as a spiritual Being on an epic human adventure. As the executive’s Spiritual coach, I support influential women to discover and reclaim their original wisdom which in turn activates one of the most powerful, inherent gifts you have. 

That inherent gift is your Entelechy – the dynamic inner code guiding you towards the fullest potential and expression of who you came here to be, enlivening the contribution you came here to make.


Personal Transformation



Do You Really Have It All?

The alignment of your human self and your higher self is where real Truth resides. Maybe on the surface it looks like you have it all, so why don’t you feel like you do? You still feel unfulfilled, abandoned, incomplete, uninspired, powerless, overwhelmed, lost. And mostly, exhausted. You go through the motions, overlooking your own inherent gifts and the sacred preciousness of your fleeting life because you’re still looking outside of yourself to find your truth.

Maybe you just feel stuck or fear making the wrong choice? Could it be because you don’t really trust yourself? I want to suggest that lack of trust is really a lack of connection.

Connection to yourself.

What if feeling broken open is really just the brink of breaking through?

You might be forgetting the fact that you are a powerful creator. Life is inviting you into a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of yourself. Of the True you. Life is inviting you to love and accept ALL of you.

I am here to help you remember your Original Wisdom.

Come sit with me so I can share all about it.

Empower Your Highest Self On Your Epic Human Journey

With Donna Bond, Your Personal Transformation Guide

The person you keep searching for is you.  It’s time to reclaim the truest, most authentic you.

It’s time to trust yourself at the deepest level and to empower your highest self on this epic human journey.

Illuminate your true nature and awaken your Original Wisdom. Remember who you really are.

By doing your own inner work, you help shift the world from the love of power to the power of Love. Starting with yourself is an act of inner leadership.

The first step on the journey is to trust yourself at the deepest level.

“My mission is to ignite your light, illuminating your original wisdom empowering your highest self on your epic human adventure.”

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Live your life like you're writing the story

The strongest force in the universe is life itself, which is Love in action. Your true essence – your Life Force – is the Presence of Love itself and because you are a powerful creator, it’s your responsibility to act.

Lift your gaze above the chaos, gain altitude above the noise, see yourself and your life from a higher perspective.

Experience joyful aliveness, greater meaning and a life on purpose when you reside in an inner place of authentic empowerment.

Trust your higher-self. Honor your human self. And have reverence for your Whole-Self on your epic human adventure. You’ve come to awaken your entelechy, the fullest realized expression of YOU.

The world is waiting.

Come Sit With Me

“I believe when we do the work individually to trust our higher self and love our human self, the ripple effect changes the world. Remember who you are.”

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Spiritual Psychology

A Spiritual Life Mastery Coaching Modality

With the use of Spiritual Psychology, and my own empathic gifts, I empower you to use obstacles and life’s everyday experiences as opportunities to grow. To evolve to your next level of potential by integrating your Soul’s Original Wisdom into every aspect of your life. As a catalyst for personal transformation, who has walked the path herself, I support you in achieving new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and Spiritual aliveness.

Client Love

“Working with Donna has been a life changing experience. An eye-opening journey, that helped me discover who I am and who I would like to become.”

Olga Peddie

“Donna’s radical acceptance made me feel seen and loved, and because she loved me, I thought, I can believe in her and learned to love myself. It’s such a gift to be received in this way.”

Abbi Kleinschmidt

There’s something inside of you longing to be set free

It’s time to let Spirit Girl out of the closet. The girl that dreams bigger and believes in more. The part of you that craves meaning, purpose and fulfillment in all areas of your life. The part of you that’s inwardly inspired by something greater and who knows she is here to contribute to a better world.