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Welcome to my conscious living blog. These are my writings, musings, stories and stuff inspiring you to live a life you love. This is where I practice using my voice and speaking what’s true for me. If it resonates, that’s great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. My intention is to inspire you! Because I believe in Magic, I’ve chosen to use the wonderous, wisdom filled imagery from the oil paintings of Paul Bond. Enjoy!


This is how desire appears to me in my creams, painting of maned wolf with antlers

Seeing My Soul Gifts In All That Is

Seeing My Soul Gifts In All That Is “I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith There were only twelve people

An Allegory on the Principles of Meditation, painting of Balinese temple atop stacked stones art with stacked rock cairn

How to Have a Spiritual Practice

Have a Spiritual Practice, Even if You’re Not Spiritual   The pattern among many of my clients this week is the exploration and creation of a daily spiritual practice. When

Flight of the Muse, painting of a woman wearing a carnival mask and costume in a flying boat, painting with flying turtles and seagull birds leading the way

Today Is Where Your Book Begins

Today Is Where Your Book Begins Trusting the Universe Without a Plan Several months ago I experienced a major trust walk in my life, when I showed up for a

An Allegory on the Illusion of Time, painting of a woman standing on rocks with white tiger and blue butterflies in the ocean

Acknowledging The Call Within

Acknowledging The Call From Your Soul Be The Architect Of Your Life Acknowleding the call within is about the global call for Spiritual transformation. A call that comes from within

Sanctuary, painting of a eucalyptus tree as a woman, painting of a woman wearing a tree bark dress holding a eucalyptus tree branch surrounded by ocean waves and clouds

Journey To You Are Enough

On our journey of transformation we have the chance to experience an important realization, that we are enough. We spend so much time and energy trying to please so many