Empower the Authentic You The Nine Classes

Empower the Authentic You, is no ordinary curriculum.

It’s a transformational journey designed to awaken the highest aspect of you.

Be Wise.
Access your own Original Wisdom.

Be Brave.
Courageously Trust yourself.

Be You.
Unapologetically, share your Truth with freedom.

Realize you are SO MUCH MORE than you’ve been taught. Update your framework for a new world. Uplift your awareness to a new altitude. Uplevel your life for a new experience.

9 Module Digital Course

Your Power and Purpose
Stop giving away your power to things and people outside of yourself and reclaim the infinite intelligence within. Your Original Wisdom is always present. Learn to identify, access, and cultivate a partnership with this wisdom-filled part of yourself. Understand the difference between the “ego’s-viewpoint” and the authentic essence of your Original Wisdom coming from your Higher Self. Get totally clear on your higher purpose and ignite the power within you need to birth it in the world.

Harness the Invisible World
You’re a lot more powerful than you’ve been pretending. Understand the cosmic glue that created you and realize you too are a creator. Everything is energy and energy is everywhere. Bring a greater level of awareness to how you direct your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to support yourself in transforming your experience in life.

The Power of Your Focus
You have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. 95% of them are repetitious and 80% of those are negative. Thoughts are living breathing transmitters of energy. Elevate the quality of your thinking and strengthen the communication link between your powers of creation and your life. You will learn how to transform your thoughts to affect positive change in your experience.

Cultivate Your Superpowers
What would it be like to stop getting your answers from everyone else and start trusting yourself? Let go of “I don’t know” and harness your inner knower as you take steps towards the highest direction for your best life. Empower yourself by valuing the illogical. Gather the jewels in the vault within which hold the brilliance for your life. Notice when your rational mind discards, dismisses, and distracts you from truly engaging with higher guidance and end the self-sabotage. Understand the different ways your senior partner supports your life. Cultivate a deeper relationship with this wisdom-filled aspect of your Higher Being.

Believe In You
Identify, excavate, and shift old patterns of perception limiting the experience of your life and your highest potential. Engage in this powerful step and improve the freedom and possibility you experience in your life. Bring awareness to the limiting, self-sabotaging belief systems subtly operating in your consciousness and reshape them directly impacting the quality of your life.

Hang up the How
The tricky tactic of your logical ego-mind will have you believing it’s all on you! Your logical mind is only capable of observing how something has been done in the past. It’s not designed to know HOW things are to unfold in the future. Learn to align with universal consciousness – the Big Mind and gain the freedom in letting go of HOW things are “supposed” to happen. Lean into the clarity of what you would love and why would you love it and watch your life fall into place.

Activate Your Power
Anything you think or say after the words “I AM” initiates your powers of creation into action. What you proclaim to the world in a statement of “I am” is backed with your personal power. It is also an activation for the infinite part of yourself. Un-do the unconscious that perpetuates the undesirable! Align yourself with the empowering discovery of how “I am” reimagines your evolution and beautifully shapes your life.

Transform Fear Into Courage
The opportunity to begin trusting the universe and the way your life unfolds is a big leap across a giant chasm. Learn the 8 steps to face your fears and cross the terrain – a necessary process along the path of growth and evolution. Get UNstuck as you are willing to step out of the comfort zone and be in the unknown. You have more power than you think.

Raise Your Vibration
Original Wisdom is the inherent intelligence in all Beings, rooted in unconditional love. As you begin to view your life through this lens, the natural result is a constant state of gratitude. Gratitude is the elevated vibration that opens the door to the abundance and fulfillment you want. You will learn how to transform your everyday experiences using the high frequency of gratitude and experience the results of more joy, fulfillment, aliveness and purpose in it all areas of your life.

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