Your Most Powerful Self Is Your Authentic Self

Empower the Authentic You is no ordinary curriculum.

It’s a personal transformation journey designed to transform your life. Designed to empower the highest aspect of you, on your epic human adventure. Awakening your next level of personal growth and authentic empowerment.

Be Wise

Access your Original Wisdom.

Be Brave

Courageously Trust yourself.

Be You

Unapologetically, Share yourself with freedom.

If you are ready to free yourself from limiting beliefs, turn your fear into courage and update your ways of being and leading in the world, I’m beyond excited to finally share the digital, self-paced personal transformation guide that inspires you to realize you are SO MUCH MORE than what you’ve believed!

This packed online masterclass full of motivational videos delivers practical strategies, mind-expanding insights, and innovative tools to transform your life in tangible ways.

You will learn how to get rid of limiting beliefs and how to manifest your dreams. You will stop holding yourself back from living a life that you love. The possibilities are yours to imagine.

…attract aligned friendships and partners
…cultivate fulfilling relationships
…be inspired with a career that feels on purpose
….make a meaningful difference in the world
…experience more peace and a calm nervous system
…live in your dream location

I created this collection of motivational videos assembled as a masterclass based on my personal experience living through my journey of personal transformation, and what I’ve learned from helping hundreds of women transform their lives.

Now, it’s your turn.

“Empower the Authentic You is EXACTLY what the title says.”

It is a master-course packed with information that will change your perception. I’ve got two Masters degrees in Psychology and thought, what am I going to learn? Let’s just say it blew my mind, so much that I insisted my brothers who are both physicians attend it and they were floored by how much they learned. They are changing in beautiful ways no one thought was possible.

Sanya Bari

This 9-module digital masterclass is a proven way to implement lasting change in your life.

Empower the Authentic You

If you’re ready for real leadership, be the change.

Uplift Yourself

9-weeks to deeper levels of transformation.

Can you relate to any of these?

You’re stuck. You’re aware that where you are isn’t “it”, but you have no idea what to do or where to go.

You feel deeply unfulfilled. You are going through the motions. Your life feels like a ground-hog day. It’s on auto–play and you are bored and lifeless with the monotony of the same ol’-same-ol’.
You know there is something more for you. But you are gripped by fear when it comes to stepping into the unknown. (Take a breath! I’ve got you!)

The True You is in fact, what you're really looking for.

But who is that?

The True You holds your authentic power. Not the illusion of power you’ve been chasing outside of yourself.

The True You holds your Original Wisdom. The inherent intelligence inside you, rooted in unconditional Love.

So how do you find your way to the Truth?

You start by empowering yourself with your own sovereignty, awakening your own inherent gifts, and begin recognizing your authentic power. This masterclass is not the day-tripping to the spa kind of woo-woo-self-love. The course offers a unique set of actionable Life Mastery tools that equip you for living authentically and enlivening the inherent qualities within that are needed for a fulfilling, joy-filled journey in life.

Qualities such as:

– Inner Knowing
– Authentic Empowerment
– Inner Esteem
– Balance
– Neutrality
– Self-Trust
– Courage
– Aliveness
– Reverence for Life

This masterclass teaches empowered action from a place of compassion. It will awaken courageous inner leadership with fierce tenderness and genuine reverence for your personal life’s journey.

Get ready to learn how to listen and lead from the highest part of you.

My Personal Journey

It took me until the age of 45 to finally “wake up”.

On the outside, it all looked perfect. I was at the top of my game. I was working as a marketing executive for a prestigious hotel company alongside best-in-class people. I was making great money, living in a beautiful home and was (and still am) married to an incredible guy.

But the truth was, on the inside, I was exhausted, depressed, unhappy and unfulfilled. I wasn’t just out of touch with my spirit, but out of alignment with what was going on inside my own body. I was living paralyzed in judgment, emotionally out of balance, and physically ill for a long time. This all led to a decision which I now understand as Divine intervention to get me on a road that would drastically change my life: enrolling in a master’s program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.

That authentically empowered choice scared the bejeezus out of me at the time but resulted in my own personal transformation, which included walking away from a multiple 6-figure salary as a leading professional in my industry, to reinvent myself living on purpose leading and serving as a spiritual coach and a catalyst for personal transformation.

Finally, I was willing to make the choice to change from the inside out. I was willing to call myself forward, to look in the mirror, to reimagine what was possible in my life and to begin taking small steps to make that happen. Fast forward to today: I live a life filled with joy, that feels on purpose, and that I LOVE. Is it all perfect? Hell no, but it’s a dramatic and incredible improvement from where I was living.

And it’s my highest calling to share with you how to do the same.

Empower Your Inner Strength


An awakening is happening. A reimagining. Authentic Empowerment is a Way of Being that supports you in being true to who you really are. It’s time to reclaim your authentic power and enliven the inner strength you’ve had all along. Join the rEvolution, along with a group of like-minded souls.

How The Course Transforms You

 After taking the steps to recognize and awaken your purpose, honor your unique journey, and reclaim your worth through this 9-module course, you can expect to:

Trust Yourself

With increased self awareness, approach uncertainty and change with confidence and courage. Source your esteem from an inside place.

Find Your Motivation

Unlock the unique code to your fullest expression by following the life-giving clues on your path. Experience inner clarity and true freedom each day.

Solve Problems with Clarity and Direction

I can’t solve problems for you or tell you how to live your life. But I will teach you new ways to relate to life and how to solve problems for yourself.

End Approval Seeking

Stop wondering and worrying, “am I enough?” and begin to recognize and acknowledge your inherent worth. Arrive at an inner place where you approve of yourself.

Unlock the Judgements

Free yourself of the self-sabotaging, limiting judgements that you hold against yourself that you may not even be conscious of. Let go of and clear false notions that are stifling your life experience.

Get to Know Your Highest Self

Stop judging yourself and making yourself wrong in the search for deeper meaning. Learn how to harness your Original Wisdom – the knowing of your Highest Self.

“I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

— Joseph Campbell

“Donna made me feel like I have what I need inside of me. I can trust my choices. It’s been truly transformational.”

De. Heidi Zappone

“Donna’s radical acceptance made me feel seen and loved in a way that allowed me to learn to love myself. It’s such a gift to be received in this way.”

Abbi Kleinschmidt

The Journey

Framework for Lasting Change

Each class harmonizes upon the previous. All classes within this 9-module online course offer insightful teachings combined with Opportunities for Transformation designed for experiential learning for real, lasting change. Here’s a preview of the curriculum:

Class #1

Your Power and Purpose

Stop giving away your power to things and people outside of yourself and reclaim the infinite intelligence within. Learn to identify, access, and cultivate a partnership with this wisdom-filled part of yourself. Understand the difference between the “ego’s-viewpoint” and the authentic essence of YOU. Get totally clear on your higher purpose and ignite the power within you to birth it into the world.

Class #2

Harness the Invisible World

Understand the cosmic glue that created you and realize that you too are a creator. Bring a greater level of awareness to how to direct your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to support yourself in transforming your life experience. You’re a lot more powerful than you’ve been pretending.

Class #3

The Power of Your Focus

We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. 95% of them are repetitious and 80% of those are negative! Because thoughts are living breathing transmitters of energy, you’ll learn to elevate the quality of your thinking and strengthen the communication link between your powers of creation and your life. You’ll understand how to transform your thoughts to affect positive change in your experience.

Class #4

Cultivate Your Superpowers

What would it be like to stop getting your answers from everyone else and start trusting yourself? Let go of “I don’t know” and harness your inner knower as you take steps towards the highest direction for your best life. Learn to notice when your rational mind discards, dismisses, and distracts you from truly engaging with higher guidance and end the self-sabotage. Understand the different ways your inner guidance supports your life and learn to cultivate a deeper relationship with this wisdom-filled aspect of your Higher Self.

Class #5

Believe In You

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” – Beyoncé

Identify, excavate, and shift old patterns of perception that limit the experience of your life and your highest potential. Increase the amount of freedom and possibility that you experience. Loosen the grip of old belief systems no longer serving you and update them to support the experience you want to have.

Class #6

Hang Up the “How”

The tricky tactic of your logical ego-mind will have you believing it’s all on you to make things happen! Your logical mind is only capable of observing how something has been done in the past. It’s not designed to know HOW things are to unfold in the future. Learn to align with universal consciousness – the Big Mind — to let go of HOW things are “supposed” to happen. Lean into the clarity of focusing on what you would love and why would you love it… and watch your life fall into place.

Class #7

Activate Your Power

Anything you think or say after the words “I AM” initiates your powers of creation into action. What you proclaim to the world in a statement of “I am” is backed with your personal power. It is also an activation for the infinite part of yourself. Un-do the unconscious patterns that perpetuate the undesirable! Align yourself with the empowering discovery of how “I am” can beautifully shape your life.

Class #8

The Alchemy of Fear

Beginning to trust the universe and the way your life unfolds is a big leap across a giant chasm. Here you’ll learn the 8 steps to face your fears and cross the terrain – a necessary process on the path of growth and evolution. Get UNstuck as you step out of the comfort zone and into the field of possibility.

Class #9

Raise Your Vibration

Original Wisdom is the inherent intelligence in all Beings, rooted in unconditional love. As you begin to view your life through this lens, the natural result is a constant state of gratitude. Gratitude is the elevated vibration that opens the door to the abundance and fulfillment you want. Learn how to transform your everyday experiences using the high frequency of gratitude and experience more joy, fulfillment, aliveness and purpose in all areas of your life.

What’s Included?

When you join Empower the Authentic You digital masterclass you’ll get access to:


  • A private community page where you’ll connect with fellow students
  • A LIVE call with Donna Bond one time per month
  • Support and the opportunity to share your journey in a beautiful, private, sacred space outside of mainstream social media

Empower the Authentic You is designed to take nine weeks to complete, but you’ll have access for six months after you enroll so you can work at your own pace.

Reimagine Your Life

You are what you’re searching for. Reclaim your authentic self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Empower the Authentic You is meant for individuals on a path of Spiritual awakening. For anyone who is looking for more fulfillment, purpose, aliveness and meaningful connection in their life who knows it’s not to be found outside of you,but is harnessed from within. This masterclass offers the steps to be there in a very practical and real world way. This masterclass is for anyone committed to positive change for themselves, their circle of influence and the world. This is for people who know change begins with them.

Donna walks her talk. She shares with you the first hand account of how she walked away from her very successful career and rebuilt her life using universal law and spiritual principles. This is an insider’s view, with practical application of how to apply this material in your real life and was recorded with a live audience. You can read about how to play the piano or watch a video about it, but without actually placing your fingers on the actual keys, you won’t really learn. Empower the Authentic You sets you up for real lasting change when you are willing to make the commitment to apply what you’ve learned and Donna shows you how.

Soul Gatherings are where each member of the Original Wisdom community comes together for live coaching and support. Donna is available to answer questions, to support you throughout different phases of your journey and to provide coaching using Spiritual Psychology. This is a unique opportunity to see and hear from other participants as they are willing to share their unique challenges and how they are growing through them. You can submit questions in advance of the call and Donna works with people live in this Soul Gathering.

No, this class is not about any religion and welcomes people of all faith. The principles of Spiritual Psychology shared in this masterclass are about the relationship you have with the higher part of yourself, your Original Wisdom.

There are no refunds. This is a no quitting, no refund commitment. I believe in you, but this is about you believing in you! So, check in with yourself on a Soul level to feel that you are All IN! This is a life changing course and your full engagement and commitment is the main ingredient for success.

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Donna Bond

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Master certified spiritual life and business coach with a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. Donna Bond is a Soul-centered facilitator supporting people to awaken their higher purpose so they can experience more joy, fulfillment and aliveness in life.