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Welcome to my conscious living blog. These are my writings, musings, stories and stuff inspiring you to live a life you love. This is where I practice using my voice and speaking what’s true for me. If it resonates, that’s great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. My intention is to inspire you! Because I believe in Magic, I’ve chosen to use the wonderous, wisdom filled imagery from the oil paintings of Paul Bond. Enjoy!

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Higher Human Integration

Higher Human Integration™ is the dynamic process of aligning and integrating your life with the power and wisdom of your soul. It’s the full embrace of both your Higher Self and

How Do You Value What Something is Worth?

In our society somehow, we’ve made it okay to spend $40,000+ on a car and $20,000 on granite kitchen countertops – yet when it comes to truly valuing ourselves, suddenly

The Waterdance

This Is all of Us

Elevate Your Narrative, and Birth Reverence for Your Sweet Self The NBC television series This Is Us is very close to my heart as I am one of three siblings

What Transformation Looks Like

This first picture on the left was taken in 2016. Notice the rigidity. The poised, straight posture, trying to “get it right”. Feel the hardness, the masculine energy of the

House Of Spirits, butterfly, butterfly on a rooftop

The Ultimate Activation for Your Entelechy

When you are feeling lost, incomplete, unfulfilled, stuck and stagnant, it leads to feelings of frustration, depression, sadness not to mention lack of meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life.

A Roadside Shaman Attempts to Explain the Tao, painting of a raven, art zen and tao, art featuring birds, art with shaman, painting with crow in headdress

The Great Resignation Is Right On Time

The Great ReSignation. The Great ReEvaluation. The Great ReImagination. All, Right on Time. Never a Bad Time to Start Re-Imagining Arianna Huffington has called this time “The Great Re-Evaluation”. However,

Morpho, painting of Blue Morpho Butterfly, art of Costa Rica, art with woman as butterfly

7 Keys To Personal Power

7 Keys To Personal Power “In the scope of eternity, we are here on this planet for a nanosecond. Our lives are made up of a collection of moments. Those

Pride, painting of a raven dressed as a peacock

Transform Problems Into Possibilities

Right now, chances are you’re feeling at least a little disenchanted, bored, confused, frustrated or even scared. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that looks fabulous on the outside but