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Welcome to my conscious living blog. These are my writings, musings, stories and stuff inspiring you to live a life you love. This is where I practice using my voice and speaking what’s true for me. If it resonates, that’s great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. My intention is to inspire you! Because I believe in Magic, I’ve chosen to use the wonderous, wisdom filled imagery from the oil paintings of Paul Bond. Enjoy!

Personal Transformation Blog

painting of seagull sitting on a cup of coffee on a beach

The Scrappy Entrepreneur With Paula Y

When I coach with someone, I usually don’t cyber stalk them to find out information about them. I know this could be perceived as “Oh my God! You don’t research

Pride, painting of a raven dressed as a peacock

Transform Problems Into Possibilities

Right now, chances are you’re feeling at least a little disenchanted, bored, confused, frustrated or even scared. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that looks fabulous on the outside but

the releasing of sorrows, painting of a woman standing on the beach in white holding a black umbrella with ravens flying away out of the umbrella

Meeting Yourself With Love

In a world where most of us grew up measuring ourselves against someone or something else and living in an environment where one continually feels “I am not enough”, I

A Coronation of Singular Importance, painting of a swan, mute swan art

Cultivating Authentic Empowerment

Most of us have built our esteem system off things outside ourselves. This begins when we are children. We want mommy and daddy’s love and approval, so we do things

A Homecoming, art with roses, painting of the Glastonbury Tor, art with flowers, art with castle, painting of Tower of St Michael's in Glastonbury England

Loving Yourself As A Strategy To Wholeness

A New Way To Relate To Your Emotional System The next month is going to prove to be challenging astrologically. Not just because Mercury is in retrograde – which rules

Oceana, painting of the ocean with a Spiritual figure forming from sunlight

Tools For Peace

Shanti to Support Your Meditation Practice As a Spiritual life coach my clients ask me frequently, “In the midst of chaos, what is a tool I can use to bring

On the Transmigration of Souls, painting of a woman transforming into a deer floating with bubbles and birds

Soultalk With Kisser Paludan

Allowing Guidance From The Universe I had the honor and privilege of being interview by Kisser Paludan who is a psychologist, writer, spiritual teacher specializing in self-esteem, personal leadership, presence

The Girl Who Married a Cloud, painting of a woman wearing a white wedding dress in row boat

Do It For You

Getting Yourself At The Top Of Your List Summer is about to kick off. This likely means you are about to launch into “DO-Mode” for everyone else. What if, at