Costa Rica Solo Wellness Retreat

Reclaim Your Aliveness. Shine Your Light. Renew Your Reverence for Life.

You chase a lot of things outside of yourself. You chase your career, people, promotions, purpose, circumstances, money and happiness believing that when you arrive to the destination, life will be different, better, happier.

Yet, for those of you who have been around the block a few times and have obtained success and worldly possessions you may find that happiness obtained from things outside of you is, well fleeting. It feels good for a few minutes, but like carbohydrates, ultimately, you’re left feeling empty.

Consider perhaps that the fulfillment you seek is, in fact, inside of you. And, it’s been with you all along, but it’s just been covered up with all the doing and trying and striving.

You are craving silence so you can think. Space so you can feel. Time so you can rest. Support so healing can happen.

Be Intentional

This intentionally curated healing retreat aligns you with the restorative powers of Mother Earth. Renew choices for your daily life inspired by your connection to the natural word. Unearth hidden secrets from your Original Wisdom. Crystallize the vision for your life. Repair your resilience. Rest.

Call Yourself Forward – Elevate Your Perspective

Your open heart is the medicine. Release old limiting patterns. Nurture inner peace. Restore joy-filled aliveness. Balance your Whole Being. Renew all levels of your consciousness, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Leave Present. Awake. Vibrant. Alive.

Curate Your Experience

This private healing wellness retreat in Costa Rica offers the highest level of personal support. The experience is designed around you, your needs and your intentions. To heal, we courageously explore and remove emotional blocks and slowly, you unfold yourself in a loving sanctuary where you are held, nourished and supported. The result is the shining brilliance of your radiant inner light.

In this Retreat you will…

Casa Bella Donna

This is your sanctuary for the week

The Experience

What to Expect in Your Immersive Healing Environment as a Space of Transformation
  • Bask in stunning ocean views and the emerald green of the forest
  • Awake each morning to the music of the rainforest and the melody of the jungle
  • Be nourished with personally chef-designed, deliciously prepared food according to your preferences
  • Feel enlivened with stunning ocean and jungle views in your corner guest room
  • Stargaze from the comfort of your bed
  • Breathe in the fragrance of the jungle while you meditate
  • Revitalize your vitality on a short hike to the waterfall
  • Immerse yourself in the silence of secluded beaches
  • Cleanse your Spirit in the warm waters of the ocean
  • Nurture yourself with a moon bath ritual in your outdoor soaking tub
  • Restore your body in the ocean view Yoga Shala
  • Call forward your Spirit in the Bella Donna Priestess Temple with prayer, meditation, sound healing, massage and more

Your Solo Wellness Retreat Includes:

On Your Journey We Enlist the Healing Powers of the Universe


Ground yourself in the foundation of our Great Mother


Breathe in the inspiring power of the infinite organizing power of the universe


Soothe and heal with the regenerative conduit of awareness and this giver of life


Purify and transmute all that no longer serves. Experience the rebirth of your own transformative wisdom

“Donna laughed with me, cried with me, challenged me and loved me!!”
"From the moment I decided to embark on this Solo Retreat, I felt embraced, seen, heard, loved, empowered and welcomed by Donna. Her home in Costa Rica is a magical, beautiful, peaceful nest that nourished me in every way. Yery our chef prepared fabulous healthy local food that was beautiful and delicious. The sounds of the jungle, the river, cicadas, monkeys and birds filled the air with music and the air so fragrant. My wellness massages and yoga with Isamar in the outdoor Shala was the most healing my body had ever experienced. The moon bath on my private patio and star gazing was relaxing and inspiring. Donna and I worked together and with her as my coach and teacher, I uncovered so many things about myself that I had stuffed down over my lifetime. I was able to write and reveal things to myself and I cannot describe how moving and magical the discoveries and reclaiming of myself were. With Donna's guidance, intuition, spiritual love and knowledge helping me every step of the way, I reclaimed myself! The four days spent at this retreat were priceless as I cannot put a price on my soul and I am so grateful. It was the best gift I ever gave to myself!"


Spending three days one-on-one with Donna was, truly, an experience of a lifetime that shifted more than one paradigm for me. She is a force of nature and she brought her all to every second of our time together. We submerged as deep as I was willing to go. She stood by me when I was navigating challenging terrains, and gently encouraged me to keep going. I left with elevated awareness, confidence, and peace. Lifting above the confusion of the turbulent reality, I was able to clearly see the path forward and felt the courage and optimism taking the next step.

If you’ve ever had a coaching session with Donna, you know the experience of working with her is far beyond imaginable. I cannot envision anyone more attuned with the truth about the underlying basis of the challenges we go through as we grow personally and professionally. I cannot think of anyone more masterful in shining the light on the aspects that hold the keys to one’s limitless potential, in guiding one to unlock it and harness one’s inherent gifts.


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This is a space of transformation

This curated solo Costa Rica wellness retreat is customized individual attention to nurture, restore and reclaim the Whole You. Evolve tired patterns. Rediscover your deepest Truth. When you heal, you contribute the healing for the whole of humanity. Reclaim your aliveness. Shine your inner light. Renew your reverence for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fly into San Jose International Airport (SJO) in San Jose Costa Rica. Then, included is a round trip regional flight to Quepos where Donna Bond will be waiting to greet you and shuttle you personally to Casa Bella Donna which is located on the South Pacific in a city called Ojochal.

Your preferences are collected through a questionnaire and an itinerary is designed just for you. This includes meals, activities, daily sessions with Donna and other healing modalities folded into your experience. Following the commitment of your deposit, your customized itinerary is presented to you for refinement and planning for your visit begins. The dates are also what works for you. Each solo retreat is a minimum of three days at Casa Bella Donna, and you should a lot a day of travel on either end to get to and from Costa Rica.

As the entirety of your experience will be nestled atop a mountain in Ojochal, overlooking Playa Tortuga and the Pacific Ocean, there is no need for a car. Donna will pick you up and return you to the airport in Quepos and bring you to Casa Bella Donna.

All private sessions with Donna include use of the modality Spiritual Psychology. Specific processes are designed and created for you, based on your intentions. Your personal healing journey will be discussed with Donna during the Solo Retreat Discovery Call. You do not need to have any experience or familiarity with the modality, and it is in no way, religion based. Donna’s teachings are Spiritual and about the relationship you have with your Higher Self, which she refers to as Original Wisdom.

The Costa Rica Solo Wellness Retreat is a minimum of three days for $8,500, with the option to add on up to 3 additional days at $1000 per day.

You are our welcomed guest in our Costa Rican rainforest home Casa Bella Donna. This modern compound includes your ocean view accommodations, a big patio, a pool, Wi-Fi and fiber optic internet (which we will encourage you to not use) your jungle view soaking tub and use of the main areas of the house. Private one on one sessions take place in the Consciousness Rising headquarter office or the Priestess Temple located on property. You have access and use of The Temple during your stay.

Casa Bella Donna delivers the ultimate in tropical elegance. Designed by Living Space Costa Rica & Adornment Design, this custom-built home was completed in 2021 and offers a luxury experience within the pristine natural beauty of southern Costa Rica.

Situated in a private gated community, the spacious open floor plan set at 1,000 above sea level offers pleasantly cool year-round ocean and mountain breezes. Hand-crafted custom teak furniture and finishes throughout, including the elegant floating staircase and sophisticated hovering bar, offer a highly appointed experience of modern luxury. Relax with your coffee each morning looking out to the expansive ocean view while you delight in sounds of toucans and howler monkeys. This experience is the best indoor/outdoor living, where butterflies float by and the sights and sounds of nature will captivate you all day long.

Your corner bedroom suite boasts ocean and jungle views. You will sleep like a babe on the pillow-topped queen bed and your needs are met with custom teak furnishings, ample closets and your own outdoor soaking tub where you will enjoy a unique healing experience communing with nature or cleansing yourself in the outdoor shower. While you won’t need it with natural breezes and ceiling fans, air conditioning is provided in your bedroom.

Relax with a morning coffee on the huge balcony as you immerse yourself with nature, or unroll a yoga mat for some gentle stretching, morning meditation, contemplative prayer and the perfect condition to just BE in the Bella Donna Priestess Temple. This sacred space is available for your use during your stay.

The salt-water pool with ocean, mountain and jungle views enhances the luxury that awaits you. Enjoy an afternoon smoothie from the Vitamix on the patio as you sip from a frosted mug you discovered in the freezer. Take a dip at the same time as the sun and feel every cell in your body relax, unfold and rejuvenate. From the in-pool seating you could spend hours looking out onto Playa Tortuga, the Terraba-Sierpe Wetlands, and the distant Osa Peninsula, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet.

The home is positioned under the equatorial Milky Way and with no competing lights, on clear nights you will experience the crystalline bejeweled skies as you might never have before. Relax in a bean bag chair and perch yourself on the poolside deck for this sublime nighttime show.

A short walk from Casa Bella Donna is a secluded fifty-foot waterfall, as well as a natural swimming hole in the river just below, where you might catch sight of the elusive morpho butterfly. Just a ten-minute drive is the town of Ojochal which boasts first class restaurants, live entertainment, shops, and day-spa options. Just across the coastal highway is Playa Tortuga (our favorite beach), one of the best kept secrets of Costa Rica, where scarlet macaws squawk and play in the trees and sea turtles swim just offshore.

Casa Bella Donna combines relaxed luxury with modern-day convenience in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful settings. Let your system unwind, allow your Spirit to emerge and be held and loved with an incredible amount of healing support.

Owners Paul and Donna Bond welcome you to this exceptional sanctuary, where they invite you to stop all the doing and just BE.

Donna Bond

Catalyst for Personal Transformation, Spiritual Coach, High Priestess

From the boardroom to the rainforest, this High Priestess is out of the closet. As a modern day Mystic, Donna Bond uses the modality of Spiritual Psychology and her own natural gifts and abilities to invite clients into their own personal transformation with the intention to embrace their wholeness.

Donna helps you call back your personal power and remember you are a divine spiritual Being on an epic human adventure. Step out of your comfort zone and birth your original wisdom in the jungle of Costa Rica.