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“My own transformation of consciousness has been a thirty-year evolution. I am in awe of human evolution and the incredible Divine power that is within each of us.

Your evolution doesn’t have to take thirty years – my women’s retreat Discover the Authentic You or a Private Coaching Journey are both wonderful ways I am able to teach and share my wisdom. My intention is to assist you in calling forward the innate wisdom within you.

It is an honor and a privilege to share all I have learned in support of the global transformation of consciousness taking place at this time. I am grateful and humbled to be serving the world in this way.” ~ Donna Bond, M.A.

What Is Spiritual Psychology?
Spiritual Psychology is a technology or a modality of sorts. It teaches us that everything happening in our life is happening FOR us. Everything is happening for our growth, learning and expansion. It teaches us to see everything in our life as an opportunity being presented to us to learn the lessons that we came to learn in this life.

Dr’s Ron and Mary Hulnick, Ph.D’s, are the world-renowned pioneer’s and innovators in the field of Spiritual Psychology. They are the founding faculty and co-directors at The University of Santa Monica where they have developed and facilitated the study and practice of Spiritual Psychology worldwide. It is under their guidance and direction I continue to develop my own mastery with these principles and practices.

At age 45 I found myself at the top of my game. On paper. I was married to my soul mate, working for a prestigious company alongside incredible people, earing lots of money, receiving tons of recognition. And, I was miserable. The truth was I was totally unfulfilled, I just didn’t know at the time, that was the issue.

Discomfort in my heart, illness in my body, miserable in my career I found myself sitting across from a psychic, begging to find my purpose. “They’re spelling it out for me, Donna,” she said. “SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY.” “What the hell is Spiritual Psychology?” was the response that led me to find my life’s work.

Against all logic, while working a sixty hour a week job, I enrolled myself in a master’s program in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. It was later I continued on to earn my and a coaching certification from the University of Santa Monica.

This was not just any program. The University of Santa Monica challenged me to take a journey into my own heart, discovering the truth of who I am. And, the truth of all of us: the truth that we are first and foremost divine spiritual beings, with purpose and value, having a human experience. The application of this knowledge changed me and my life from the inside out. In a way that I will never be the same.

Spiritual Psychology sets the platform to begin to view your entire life from the soul’s perspective, through the spiritual context. If I could have one wish it would be that every person on the planet could experience the majesty of their own Divinity.  If everyone could truly understand the magnitude of the truth of who they really are, we would be living in a world of peace, of connectedness, of love and compassion. This is the shift that occured for me, through my journey at USM.

Today, I am an advocate for acceptance, of myself and of others. This is not a path of passivity or complacency. This is a lifelong, motivated effort to move into alignment with the Divine, through a direct, judgement-free assessment of the past and present, and the conscious work of building a foundation to launch ourselves to a better future. My professors Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick say, “Every time one person revolves one issue, all of humanity moves forward.” It is my heartfelt intention to share my wisdom, knowledge, experience and gifts with others for their growth and learning for the highest good of all concerned.

For my entire life I have been searching for my purpose. To feel like I am making a meaningful contribution to myself and others. In my work today as a professional coach,  I am in partnership with Spirit and in service to my clients. I know I am on purpose. And I am humbled and grateful to be making a contribution in this way.

Our company, Consciousness Rising, Inc creates and offers products and services to inspire your wisdom to raise the consciousness on the planet.

In partnership with the inspirational work of Paul Bond Fine Art, it is our intention is to make the world a better place.

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Work with Donna Bond, M.A. Professional Life Coach, Business Coaching, Consulting, Spiritual Psychology, SpeakerDonna Bond, M.A. is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica where she earned her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing as well as her professional coaching certification.

As a professional life and business coach, spiritual advisor and inspirational speaker, Donna’s work centers on serving individual transformation of consciousness. Assisting individuals and businesses to live into the full potential of their lives, from the inside out. Donna offers inspiring workshops and transformative in-depth coaching programs to assist clients across the globe achieve new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and Spiritual aliveness using the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology.

For 28 years Donna served as a hospitality executive in sales and marketing in roles as Vice President and Director. In 2013 after winning the Western Regional Marketing Achievement Award with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company for the 3rd consecutive year, Divine guidance opened her to see that she wanted her energy, time and ultimately her life to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Donna was seeking deeper meaning and fulfillment for herself and those around her.

In 2014 she voluntarily stepped down from her corporate job and decided to dedicate the rest of her time on the planet to a purpose-driven business. Her intention and personal mission is to raise vibration on the planet through individual transformation of consciousness.

Since 2009, Donna has been the visioning force behind award winning oil painter Paul Bond, helping him realize his dreams creating a richer, more fulfilling life. She didn’t realize at the time, he was her first coaching client.

As a life-long Spiritual seeker Donna lives an empowered existence on a personal and professional path of Spiritual evolution. Her intention is to assist others in leading a more open, authentic, loving and fulfilled life.

In partnership with her husband Paul Bond they formed their company Consciousness Rising, Inc. Under the umbrella of Consciousness Rising, Inc is Donna Bond Professional Coaching and Consulting and Paul Bond Fine Art. Both offering products and services to raise the consciousness on the planet.

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