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Welcome to my conscious living blog. These are my writings, musings, stories and stuff inspiring you to live a life you love. This is where I practice using my voice and speaking what’s true for me. If it resonates, that’s great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. My intention is to inspire you! Because I believe in Magic, I’ve chosen to use the wonderous, wisdom filled imagery from the oil paintings of Paul Bond. Enjoy!

Life Mastery

House Of Spirits, butterfly, butterfly on a rooftop

The Ultimate Activation for Your Entelechy

When you are feeling lost, incomplete, unfulfilled, stuck and stagnant, it leads to feelings of frustration, depression, sadness not to mention lack of meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life.

A Roadside Shaman Attempts to Explain the Tao, painting of a raven, art zen and tao, art featuring birds, art with shaman, painting with crow in headdress

The Great Resignation Is Right On Time

The Great ReSignation. The Great ReEvaluation. The Great ReImagination. All, Right on Time. Never a Bad Time to Start Re-Imagining Arianna Huffington has called this time “The Great Re-Evaluation”. However,

Envy, painting of a bird sitting on a rock staring at a floating rock

You See It – You Be It

Idealizations: Claim Your Positive Attributes and Grow Your Self Esteem The next time you find yourself appreciating someone, stop and notice the positive qualities you observe in them. Do you

Big Push, painting of a woman swinging in the clouds with white doves

When Things Don’t Go Your Way

When Things Don’t Go Your Way Consider A Shift In Perspective John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans”. We are always making

Ascending Cows aka the Great Bovine Rapture, painting of cows ascending to the sky

Taking Action Is Key In Transformation

Why Taking Action is Key in Transformation No Matter How Small the Step One of my favorites distinctions from Master Coach Steve Chandler is Information versus Transformation. It’s all about

Big Push, painting of a woman swinging in the clouds with white doves

Appreciation For A Joy-Filled Life

The Energy Of Appreciation And Gratitude. With every thought we have, an emotional response will follow. Thoughts ALWAYS precede emotions. So every thought impacts our emotional state. Moment by moment

The Compassionate Gardener, painting of a monk raking a tree stump

Three Key Elements To A Fulfilled Life

Once a week my husband puts on the same song, Claudio Monteverdi’s Zefiro Torna, and plays it through the stereo’s outdoor speakers. This is his announcement to the plants that

Ode to a Zen Koan, painting of a Japanese temple sitting on top of stacked stones

Slow Down And Discover Your Life

Slow Down Discover Your Life Slow down? Not in my plan. Slowing down wasn’t something that I thought was okay. It wasn’t in my realm. Slow down to discover my

Mandy and the Familiar, painting of a redheaded woman in the snow

The Eye-Opening Point Of Life

Replay or Reinvent? Another Monday. People everywhere are beginning their week by hitting the replay button from the previous week. We are rolling quickly into the holidays as the Costco

Happiness By Design, painting of five stacked stone cairns in the ocean

The Values Of Your Life

What are the values that guide your life?   By having a clear understanding of our values we can gain great clarity on the decisions we make in our lives.