Acknowledging The Call Within

An Allegory on the Illusion of Time, painting of a woman standing on rocks with white tiger and blue butterflies in the ocean

Image used with permission from An Allegory On The Illusion Of Time by Paul Bond Fine Art

Acknowledging The Call From Your Soul
Be The Architect Of Your Life

Acknowleding the call within is about the global call for Spiritual transformation. A call that comes from within to be the architect of one’s own life. A call for one’s own truth. A call for joy. A call for self-expression. A call for fulfillment.

My journey to a Spirit guided fulfilled life was born out of perceived failures, mishaps and decision making that went against logic. It came out of uncovering myself from the layers and layers of beliefs that had been thrown on top of me like wet blankets, weighing me down. I believed that health was a prescription that came out of a bottle. That healing came from outside of me.

Disease stems from toxic emotional stress levels. Every day I was basking my cells in toxic emotional stress for the simple reason that I was out of alignment. My head and my heart were not moving in the same direction. As a result, my life seemed hard. I was frequently upset. I didn’t feel good. I was exhausted, unmotivated, often sick and just, well… bitchy. Irritability was my state of being. I snapped at my co-workers, my friends and my beautiful husband.

There are many people on this planet right now trapped in that same space. On the outside, for some, everything looks great. These people have great jobs, big paychecks, nice houses. They go to parties and socialize with their friends. They make it to the occasional gym workout or once a week yoga class. But perhaps spend more time yelling at their kids and loved ones than connecting with them. Not because they don’t know how. But because they’re too busy, tired and consumed with their auto-play life – running the same damn tape over and over and over.

Deep down, so many people are not happy. They don’t feel joy or fulfillment or peace. They’ve likely given up on ever even having these qualities in their life. Or they are so far away from them, they seem impossible.

What is this life about? I used to ask myself, “Is this really it?” I knew there was something more, and I craved it. But I didn’t know how to get there. I read a lot of spiritual books and have been a seeker since the young age of 12. But what I know now is there is a difference between reading about these ideas in a book and actually living a fulfilled life. Living a fulfilled life takes patience and vision and courage. It takes gentle discipline and a lot of love and compassion. It takes the realization that the answers are inside each of us, not outside.

This life is about the uncovering and the discovering of YOU. Of who you really are. It’s about finding what makes you come alive and having the courage to go out into the world and do that.

But, it starts with acknowledging the call. The call from your soul. The call for more in your life. To be a greater, more expanded version of yourself. From that place, deep inside yourself. The fertile soil of you which is seeded with the dynamic code for the fullest realized potential of your life. You know it is in there.

To move your life forward, to embrace living in joy and fulfillment and happiness, you must take the first steps. You have to answer the call.

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