How to Have a Spiritual Practice

An Allegory on the Principles of Meditation, painting of Balinese temple atop stacked stones art with stacked rock cairn

Image used with permission from An Allegory On The Principles Of Meditation by Paul Bond Fine Art

Have a Spiritual Practice,
Even if You’re Not Spiritual


The pattern among many of my clients this week is the exploration and creation of a daily spiritual practice. When I’m in session with my clients, inevitably a theme will rise to the surface of our conversation that we’ll want to explore deeper. This weeks popular theme is daily spiritual practice.

It just so happens I’m participating in a Mastermind group right now about Success Intelligence with Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D., and in this same week he suggested that a daily Spiritual practice is a requirement for taking our lives to the next level. Particularly if you want to play big.

“What if I’m not Spiritual?” you may be asking.

That’s perfectly fine, because then we get to work with energy.

So, I would first ask: Do you believe in energy? And that this energy has an intelligence to it that is the breath of life that animates all living beings? This is the energy that powers nature to do what it does all by itself and the same energy that keeps the planets spinning around without crashing into each other—it’s all the same stuff. Some people call it God or the universe, some see it as energy. It’s your choice how to interpret it.

I suggest honoring this energy, for its rewards are manifold. Work with it, play with it, let it flow. Savor its power within you and outside of you. This is the energy that animates you, so why not form a relationship with it? This is the beginning of mastery.

Here’s an example of this: after my first year of daily energy/spiritual practice, I had a prophetic dream that cancer was growing in my chest. My discovery was then verified by doctors who acted to save my life. It’s important to note that it was my spiritual (energy!) practice that created this dream, that allowed me to remember it and know how to process it for my wellbeing. (That story HERE)

So, what do we know about energy?

  • Everything is energy
  • It can’t be created or destroyed, as Einstein famously stated
  • It’s expressed in different forms
  • It just is – and it’s everywhere


Plus, energy IS our consciousness. And our consciousness IS how we are interpreting our reality—quite the mind-bender, yes?

Now where you place your focus or attention is where energy flows, because energy exists in every single thought you think and every single word you speak.
Why bother to create a daily spiritual practice?

Generally, people are not disciplined. This is because we force our lives into so many things that we “have to do” that when we have a free moment, we just want to break free. I am inviting you into this practice as a different way to create freedom in your life. Freedom to express, freedom to be who you want to be. Freedom to just be you with no rules or expectations or commitments.

I recommend you slow down and first place your focus on you. You and you. You and this energy—this higher power, this infinite intelligence. Notice it, sense into it, acknowledge this life force that animates you. Build a rapport. Begin a dialogue. Start a life-long conversation.
This energy has information for you.

Make your practice enjoyable. Create a space you love and gather together mind-enriching, heart-expanding “toys.”

My practice is “buffet style.” I start with about 26 minutes of TM meditation. There are a lot of meditation options out there. Then I “feel into” what is calling to me today. What messages are there for me? Is it in A Course in Miracles? Is it in one of my poetry books? The Abundance Book? Do I want to raise my awareness with knowledge about Soul Transcendence? Perhaps I will revisit my affirmations or ideal scenes about what I am creating in my life. I have a stack of Divinity cards I love to pull from. I have gathered together crystals and candles, dream journals and gratitude lists. Each day, following my silent stillness with the universe, I engage my mental and emotional levels of consciousness with whatever my heart is calling for in that moment.

If any of this resonates, here is what my my daily Spiritual practice looks like. Feel free to experiment with any of these ideas to find what feels right to you.

I love it so much and hardly ever miss it! It is the foundation of calm in my life. It is the undercurrent of peace and it’s always there. Through my daily spiritual practice of engaging with this beautiful peaceful energy, I am able to “tap into it” in the midst of chaos because I am intimately familiar with what it is and how to connect to it. My daily spiritual practice is time for me to allow my wisdom to merge with my consciousness. A time to step away from to-do’s and achievements and have to’s, ought to’s and shoulds. This is my time away from work, from responsibilities, from relationships, from my pets and my husband and my clients. This is my time. This is freedom.y daily spiritual practice is how I remind myself every day that the most important person in my life experience is me, and the energy breathing me. Sacred time.

Give it a try. Even if it’s just for five minutes. Intend to be still. You can BE with you. Relate to YOU. Listen to yourself breathe. For just five minutes. And then do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. You may find yourself falling in love. In love with life, in love with yourself, with this energy, with this infinite intelligence. You will support yourself and your life. You will create a foundation of support for yourself to play big.

Even if you’re not spiritual.