Today Is Where Your Book Begins

Flight of the Muse, painting of a woman wearing a carnival mask and costume in a flying boat, painting with flying turtles and seagull birds leading the way

Image used with permission from Flight Of The Muse by Paul Bond Fine Art

Today Is Where Your Book Begins
Trusting the Universe Without a Plan

Several months ago I experienced a major trust walk in my life, when I showed up for a live presentation, without a plan. Ending unplanned! It was quite freeing and quite magical as I relied only on one thing. Trust. Trust in the universe. Trust in God. Trust in myself.

I went on faith that the information I intended to share was going to come through me and that whomever was in the audience that was supposed to hear it, would. I went on trust that the right words, the right stories, the right energy would just simply flow. Without rehearsal, without a script, without an actual plan. And that it did. My talk was beautiful, meaningful, eloquent and delivered with grace. It was me allowing myself to step forward with courage to access my truth and share what I know to be true. And I do this completely from my heart. Without a plan. Yet, in partnership with the universe, with Spirit.

While giving the talk, I actually verbalize to the people in the audience that I am in a place of complete neutrality about what they think about my talk. And I really am. If what I share resonates deeply with them, then that is amazing and it brings me joy. And, if it does not, then that is so okay! The truth I share is mine and mine alone and I’m just happy to be able to share it. If it’s not true for anyone else, so be it!

The authentic power in this position is incredible, the benefits are so so many when we can just have the courage to be ourselves. To show up as you, for you, to be you. To show up as the real YOU. No rehearsal, no trying, so planning. To show up without the need for approval and to show up without seeking adoration or validation. To speak your truth because it’s from your heart, its just something you want to share.

On the way home after delivering this presentation, as I rocked out to the awesome Natasha Bedingfield track, (which I have secretly always considered my theme song) There were a few words that I wasn’t quite catching in the song. I went on the internet searching for the few lyrics I still wasn’t hearing clearly in this song. And then, I marvel at the perfection of the universe as they are revealed to me on this day. On this very special, personally monumental day for me.

In the past, I was a girl that didn’t get caught dead without a plan!

So, on that day, the day without a plan, I seek out the lines I could never quite understand before, “today is where your book begins” and I just laugh at my beautiful, crazy, Divine, synchronistic life. I revel in the deep knowing in that moment, that we get to begin our lives every single day.

As we drove home from my unplanned talk I thought about really writing the book now. It’s in me. And I have decided, I’m really going to do it. I’m going to finish my class and write a book. I laugh out loud as I seek the lyrics and they are this!

The metaphor of being able to write our own story every day is filled with power and inner knowing. It is a reminder that we are creating our lives as we go along. It is the allowing of our soul’s longing to express the truth of who we really are. And the courageous action of our hearts to step forward regardless of what anyone else thinks. Being willing to live into the Divine Unknowing and risk being comfortable there. Unwritten.

As of February 2021, this book is now OUT! CLICK HERE to get your copy.