7 Keys To Personal Power

Morpho, painting of Blue Morpho Butterfly, art of Costa Rica, art with woman as butterfly

Image used with permission from Morpho by Paul Bond Fine Art

7 Keys To Personal Power

“In the scope of eternity, we are here on this planet for a nanosecond. Our lives are made up of a collection of moments. Those moments, when strung together, become time. Our lives are how we fill in those moments. And the experiences we have are the choices we make, and those choices propel our existence forward.”
-From the topic You Must Decide to Move Forward in Original Wisdom by Donna Bond

The Power that Hides Within

The definition of consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one’s self and one’s surroundings. Another way to look at consciousness is that it is your power of awareness.

As you awaken you become more attuned to the interconnectedness of all things. And, that awareness helps you remember that at the core of your Being, you are pure Divine love.

The essence of your essential nature is masked by the patterning and limited beliefs you adopt from your surroundings. These come from your parents, teachers, government,communities, society, religions and other influences.

As you read and engage with these keys to personal power,also sacred truths, your awareness will rise.

  1. You are a Spiritual Being on an Epic Human Adventure

    People often misperceive that they are a body, a human, that has a Soul. I would offer to you that it’s quite the opposite.

    First and foremost you are a Soul, and that Soul has created a body. You have directed a very small portion of your overall consciousness into a physical human form. You can think of your body and your personality as your Soul’s Avatar.

    However, the larger portion of the entire Spiritual Being that you are, remains nonphysical. In the realm of Spirit. We are all connected to this realm and this energy.

    Some call it Divine Love, some call it God, some call it the Life Force or All That Is, and for some, The Universe. No matter what it is for you, it is the Infinite Intelligence that directs all

    And, you are not only connected to it, but are very much a part of it.

  2. You are a Creator

    Because you are first a Soul – a Divine Being having a human experience- and are using your Avatar personality here on planet earth to navigate your experience in physical reality, you must accept that you are a creator.

    Your Soul created the body you inhabit. You as a Soul are limitless. You are connected to All That Is, to global consciousness. This part of you is more expansive and greater than anything you
    can even comprehend in your limited human form.

    You are never disconnected from your Soul or its wisdom, guidance and creative powers. Your Soul is your inner partner in life. Life is not happening TO you. Life is happening THROUGH

    You manifest your life through your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Once you begin to own your place as a creator, you can live more fully in a space of unlimited possibility.

    A space where anything and everything that you really believe and really love is possible.

  3. Life is your Greatest Teacher

    As Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience you are fulfilling your Soul’s evolution curriculum. You have embodied on planet earth to experience the “earth school” lessons you came to learn.

    This means that everything that happens in your life, the good, the bad and the ugly, is perfectly designed to present opportunities to learn those lessons you came here for. It can be hard for our egos to accept this.

    But from the Soul’s Perspective, your higher consciousness; whatever circumstance we experience, (love,divorce, happiness, addiction, loss, etc.) are all gifts bestowed upon our lives for our Spiritual evolution.

    From the Soul’s perspective, there is no right and wrong. No good or bad.

    The Soul is here on earth to learn, to grow, to evolve and experience. Life itself is your greatest teacher. We have the ability to choose to see everything that happens in our lives in this
    light. This is what it means to mature Spiritually, to become enlightened, to be aware and to raise your consciousness.

  4. Everything is on Purpose

    The universe and everything in it is perfect. Our egos don’t like and often can’t accept this idea. In ego-centered thinking, we pass judgment on everything. We make it good or bad, right or wrong.

    This occurs simply because your ego is just trying to keep you “safe”. That is its job. But in that
    process, we create suffering for ourselves when things are not unfolding the way our ego thinks they SHOULD.

    Look at the perfection of nature and the perfection of the healthy human body. These entities unfold all by themselves governed by Infinite Intelligence, by the Life Force and everything is On Purpose.

    While things may not always be happening in the way we prefer, just because things are not
    going “my way” doesn’t mean they are going the “wrong” way.

    In life’s Divine unfolding, everyone is receiving the opportunity to learn the lesson they came here to learn. And from your Soul’s vantage point, you are being given experiences in the most perfect way possible for your ultimate growth and expansion. Nothing is by chance.

  5. Your Thoughts Create your Reality

    Your beliefs ultimately shape your world.

    We have the free will to choose our thoughts and our actions. Every single person on this planet has the opportunity to give meaning to their thoughts.

    We can choose to look through the lens of lack and limitation with all that we see and encounter. Or, we can look through the conscious lens of prosperity and abundance. It is in your choices, your core beliefs, that shape and attract the experience you will have in your life.

    Each thought has a vibrational frequency that attracts the experiences you call forth into physical reality. Your conscious thoughts are the most powerful creative tool you possess.

    The attention we place on our thoughts, and the energy we give to them, create an active vibration that activates the law of attraction – manifesting those thoughts into objects and events in physical world reality. Hate or Love. Defeat or Possibility.

    The conscious choice is always yours.

  6. Acceptance is Freedom

    As humans, we’ve been taught to judge everything and everyone. We decide what and who is right and wrong, good or bad.

    This is our ego running the show so that it can maintain the illusion of control, so it can keep us safe. From your higher-self perspective, judgment does not exist. Higher consciousness knows that everyone is on their own path, doing the best they can and that everything unfolding – the good, the bad and the ugly – is on purpose.

    We can then drop the grievance towards others – and most importantly toward ourselves, then coming into alignment ”what is” and moving into a place of acceptance.

    When we see everything in support of our Soul’s learning, expansion and personal evolution, we can become aware that practicing acceptance for what is – brings immediate relief and freedom from resistance and suffering.

    When we can be in acceptance with what is and with where we are right now, then we are free.

  7. The Purpose of your Life is the Expression of the True You

    We are born into certain families, into a culture, a country in a particular time and place. We are infused with the beliefs of our tribe. We adopt these beliefs for much of our life because we are raised to believe that is the truth.

    But, one day – we begin to awaken in consciousness and ask ourselves, “Is this MY truth?

    And the higher consciousness begins.

    You start to question your life, your tribe and your existence to find out if your life is in alignment with your heart. You ask questions such as:

    • “Who am I?”
    • “What is my purpose here?”
    • “How can I make a more meaningful contribution to my life and the lives of others?”

    The discovery process then begins.

    Dr. Robert Holden says “If something is missing in your life, it’s probably you.”
    Your purpose in this life is the discovery and the delivery of YOU. Who you truly are.

    What brings you joy? What lifts you up? What fills you with life giving energy and makes you come alive? What do you love? What is YOUR truth?

    Asking, answering and living into these questions is your purpose.

Choose to See, Choose to Feel

Awareness is the cure.

As you raise your power of awareness and lift your consciousness to these sacred
truths, you are given the chance to remember.

To remember these truths are already inside you. To remember that you are the pure Divine essence of love, a Spiritual Being, using your avatar to navigate your way through your lesson plan here in physical world reality.

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