Imagination Is Packed In Your Earth Suit

The Remarkable Circumstantial Adaptability of Man, painting of a monkey wearing a party hat floating on a barrel in the ocean, art with long tailed macaque

Image used with permission from The Remarkable Circumstantial Adaptability Of Man by Paul Bond Fine Art

When you agreed to come here to planet Earth you were sent with many gifts. One of those gifts is your imagination. It got packed in your Earth Suit Tool Kit and EVERYBODY got one! The magical thing about our imagination is that it’s directly connected to our hearts.

What would you imagine if you didn’t believe it was impossible?

And, what if our thoughts were the currency by which we “put our order in” with the universe?

Quantum physics and quantum mechanics have made major strides proving that our thoughts create our reality in a study done call the Observer Effect – or the matrix of Unlimited Potentiality – which states that everyone sees exactly what they expect to see, because there are unlimited possibilities to something until it is interfered with by the “observer” YOU are the observer in your own life!

Our imagination is the faculty we use to find our way around in Physical World Reality and it’s the thinking substance we use to CREATE. From the time we are small kids we are discouraged in using our imagination and told, “Hey you – stop daydreaming – pay attention” Or, we train ourselves to mis-use our imagination in the form of “Dreaming up a Drama”. In five seconds we can dream up the Unlimited Possibilities of all the things we don’t want to have happen.

There is a great quote by the Founder of the University of Santa Monica, John Rogers “It’s foolish not to win in your own fantasy”

What would you imagine if you didn’t believe it was impossible?

What would you love to create in your life – use your imagination – Dream it Up!