The Difference Between a Goal and an Intention with Donna Bond

The Difference Between a Goal and an Intention

When Setting a GOAL:

Goals have specific destination with a specific timeline and a specific outcome.

Goals involve specific strategy in how to arrive at the destination in the time with the outcome.

You bear the entire burden of achieving or not achieving the goal.

You force yourself, your people and your plan on life.

When we force things, we hurt ourselves and get tired and tattered along the way.

Goals get set with your Human Self, your ego, our small, learned self that is only capable of deriving information and guidance from it’s past and limited experience.

When Working With INTENTION:

You recognize there is a n intelligence greater than you. That this intelligence powers the universe, and it also powers you. Lets call it Universal Life Force energy. It powers nature and the human body. We interfere with it’s natural order and harmony at our peril.

An intention is when you consciously make a choice to partner with this universal life force energy in architecting your plans.

You stay open to your plan OR to something even better.

You stay open to the unfolding of the plan in a way that enriches the experience you can have along the way and produces a result that may be far greater than what you were able to imagine on your own.

An intention is set with your Higher Self, which offers a higher perspective and has a much longer range of site. An intention allows you to take your hands off the wheel and to Trust that you’ve just opened yourself to unlimited possibilities.

Life is Always A Changing Landscape

With a goal or intention, each time you take a step the landscape changes. When you work with a goal and have a rigid fixation on where you are going and how you’re going to get there – you miss opportunities along the way because we are living in a dynamic changing environment.
With an intention, you benefit from the changes in the moving landscape because you’ve given yourself the freedom and the space to respond to receive all the goodness life has for you.

Donna Bond is a Soul-Centered catalyst for personal transformation serving as an author, speaker, transformation consultant and Spiritual life and business coach. Author of Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You, she offers inspiring in-depth life coaching programs, private personal transformation and women’s retreats. She supports clients across the globe to achieve new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and Spiritual aliveness using the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology. For more information visit