The Eye-Opening Point Of Life

Mandy and the Familiar, painting of a redheaded woman in the snow

Image used with permission from Mandy And The Familiar by Paul Bond Fine Art

Replay or Reinvent?

Another Monday. People everywhere are beginning their week by hitting the replay button from the previous week. We are rolling quickly into the holidays as the Costco and Target have their Christmas decorations out and we haven’t yet hit Halloween. Any minute, another year will come to a close.

We are going to keep breathing. Our hearts will beat another 42 million times. And another year will click by. And another. And another. And yet we have a choice. To replay the re-run that is our life and watch ourselves trade another year of our time here doing things that don’t necessarily bring us joy, fulfillment and happiness. Or, to play an active role of co-creation in bringing forward a life we love.

I remind you, the point to this life is joy, fulfillment and happiness. Period. Open your eyes to this idea. Open your heart to the idea that life is supposed to be fun. It took me until the age of forty four to figure that out. And to the age of forty eight to actually start living it. My life was a blurry replay. Working ten hours a day, investing my time and energy bringing someone else’s vision to life. The weekends were spent trying to recover from the fifty hours I had given away. Monday would come. The loop would replay.

At age forty four I woke up with a sobering thought about my life, “holy crap, this is the age my father was when he died.” My father pretty much spent his life working. He never went to college. He started out as a janitor at a bank. By the time he died he had worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer at The Equity Bank in Wethersfield, CT. He taught me that the purpose of life was about hard work and sacrifice. And for a long time, I believed him.

But then I woke up – and realized it wasn’t.

And while I honor my father for all that he accomplished, I realized my patterned thinking was a limiting belief that was running my life. The same thinking that was passed down through generations. It was tied together with the misunderstanding (and the lack of confidence) that life could not be about doing something I loved, let alone something that brought success and prosperity as a result. Let alone something that brought joy, fulfillment and happiness.

What we trade our time for, we trade our life for.

What would you love to experience in your life? Are you caught up in a loop of your own replay? Are you living your life according to a set of beliefs that were passed down to you from your parents, teachers, religion, society, media, or the government? Before any more time passes, before a life-threatening disease moves into your space, before you run out of energy – figure out what you would love and how to bring that experience into your life. Time here is short. In the realm of eternity we are here for a nanosecond.

My intention is to remind you that you are a creator! To awaken within you the idea that you are here in physical world reality to birth the authentic YOU. We all have unlimited potential to be a greater version of ourselves. To push past the set of rules and beliefs handed to us by society and reinvent the way we live and the way we love. Usually, the only thing standing in our way is us.