Huffington Post – Creating My Own Reality

Passage of the Wisdom Keeper, painting of a kingfisher bird pulling an apple tree wearing a scarf with rope through the ocean

Image used with permission from Passage Of The Wisdom Keeper by Paul Bond Fine Art

Creating My Own Reality by Way of Manifesting Apples

In March of 2014 my husband and I began experimenting with creating our own reality. I’d been feeling trapped in my own with a career that was consuming my life, ruining my health and causing me a great deal of unhappiness. How could this be since I had the money, recognition, successful results, big bonus checks, and was working along-side amazing people? I was petrified and embarrassed to admit to anyone, especially myself, that ALL THIS was not all that! Determining whether I could consciously create a new experience seemed like a good step to shifting out of this existential funk.

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