The Six Ways Of Being To Authentic Empowerment

donna bond six ways of being to authentic empowerment

The Six Ways Of Being To Authentic Empowerment

“The gifts that came here to share can only come through you. You are a unique, individualized expression of the Divine, an expression of Love, and an expression of God.”
-From the topic What Gifts are You Sharing? in Original Wisdom by Donna Bond

How Living Your Truth Makes You Stronger

Authentic Empowerment is the quality born from inner self-esteem. Inner self-esteem is being safe and secure in who you are and what you know to be true for you.

It’s not something found outside of yourself, because it is cultivated through the process of being – and expressing – the true you. It cannot be fabricated or faked. It is grown only through living and expressing your truth.

It requires being present, being aligned and taking action in one’s life.

Authentic empowerment is nurtured and cultivated in the following ways:

  1. Living Consciously

    Living Consciously is the awareness that we are all connected. That we are all one.

    Operating in the knowing that what you give out, is what you get back. What you do to others is what is returned to you. Living consciously is the recognition that I am you and you are me. That the microcosm makes up the macrocosm.

    Everyone and everything is a unique individual expression of the infinite intelligence of the universe. Every one of us is a Spiritual (aka energetic) BEING on an epic human adventure. We are all simply the same energy expressed and vibrating in different forms.

    The set point of this can dramatically change the way one relates to themselves and others.

  2. Radical Acceptance

    Radical Acceptance is coming into cooperation with “What Is”. It is the letting go of any wanting to fix, fade, move, hide, alter, deflect or change what is present in our lives right now.

    This idea is the opposite of resistance or positionality. Acceptance is allowing what is to be what it is. When we can compassionately and willingly accept all of our humanness in its many diverse forms, we can then accept everyone and everything around us.

    This is the understanding that it’s all perfect. That everything in our lives is necessary to take us to the next stage of our personal evolution. It is seeing ourselves through the spiritual lens – with the knowing that the Soul incarnated in exactly this body, with these parents and this country and circumstances because they are the ideal conditions by which our earth school lesson plan will unfold.

  3. 100% Responsibility

    As humanity evolves from victimization to Freedom, we must each begin with ourselves.

    When we can let go of the victimhood mentality and blaming of others and move into the Radical Acceptance that our Soul CHOSE this situation, these circumstances and conditions – no matter what they are – we reclaim our sovereignty as Divine Beings.

    Again seeing ourselves as the creators that we are.

    This one radical shift of ownership of our lives will empower us through all of our life’s experiences. Courageously embracing the perspective that everything in life has value – even the so-called “negative” experiences – as they present us constantly with the opportunity to learn and grow.

  4. Being Courageous

    The smallest steps, the most simple acts, can truly require the biggest leaps of courage. Anytime we face our fear, we are able to transform it.

    There is a magic elixir that occurs in the traversing of that invisible space between staring the fear in the face and moving to the other side of it. No one knows what will happen in that chasm. It is a place of divine unknowing. This is how to traverse transformation.

    Yet it is in the crossing of this terrain that our greatest gifts are born.

    The natural gifts that are latent within us, yet will never blossom without the proper conditions. Perhaps the energy of fear is the sunlight needed to cause the Seed to germinate.

    And it is in the discovery of our innate capabilities that return us to the knowing that we are so much more powerful than what we have been pretending to be.

  5. Live Life on Purpose

    Many of my clients come to me saying that they want to “find their purpose”.

    This was me for more than 40 years, searching, seeking, ultimately refusing to open my eyes to what was right in front of me.

    Our purpose is simply this: the birthing, the blossoming, and the becoming of our True Self. When we let go of purpose as a destination we become aware that in every moment we are fulfilling our purpose.

    We find that each choice we make, each decision we choose, are the many individual moments that make up the whole of our life of purpose.

    When our whole self is in step with Living Consciously, taking 100 percent Responsibility, Radical Acceptance and Being Courageous these are the Ways of Being that support and promote a Life Lived on Purpose.

  6. Spiritual Integrity

    Your Soul came to this life with intentions.

    Intentions to blossom, to experience, to learn, grow, transform and evolve. When your Soul is guiding you in a particular direction and your logical willfulness is in opposition of that, an imbalance occurs.

    We are meant to shine. We are meant to be in our joy. We are meant to grow and evolve and blossom. When we are out of alignment with our Soul’s calling, we lack Spiritual Integrity.

    When we lack Spiritual Integrity, we block and lose energy which results as mental, physical or emotional imbalance.

    All six of these Ways of Being are invitations to embody more authenticity in one’s life. When living in accordance with these ways, the result is inner esteem. A life of confident centeredness in oneself, regardless of any outer uncertainty. This is the path to an empowered, authentic life.

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