Meeting Yourself With Love – Everyone Is Doing Their Best

Throughout our lives we will experience people in our lives that criticize us in an innocent (and clumsy) attempt to make us better. This can cause us to develop a pattern where we get stuck in a loop and constantly wrong ourselves. When we recognize this loop, we have an opportunity to un-dial from that loop by recognizing we are doing the best that we can in the moment. We can shift ourselves out of this mindset, realize that everyone is doing the best they can as well, and begin to view the world through the lens of compassion.

You have my greatest encouragement to give yourself permission to demonstrate some self love. When you can compassionately care for YOU, you empower yourself to care for others in a more kind and accepting way. When you care for all levels of your consciousness (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) by investing the energy and time to do and experience the things you love, you spread more joy and love to those around you.

Meeting Yourself With Love is a series I’ve created to support you in relating to yourself in a different way. We are often so hard on ourselves, so critical and so judgmental. My intention with sharing this information is to create new awarenesses for you to open up to the realization that how you treat yourself is often reflected back to you by the world. Meeting yourself with love is a new way to relate to yourself.

If you want to experience more love, be more loving to your sweet self. Don’t take my word for it, test it out and see how your life begins to evolve.

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