For The Highest Good Of All?

The Star Hanger, painting of a steam punk girl floating in night sky holding star

Image used with permission from The Star Hanger by Paul Bond Fine Art

Trump as Divine Intervention

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. As I’ve matured in this notion it has deepened in my knowing that the universe is indeed perfect. That everything is always happening for the highest and best good. That everything unfolding is always for a higher purpose.

Even when it’s something we don’t prefer. Even when it’s something that looks really ugly.

Can we make the shift into believing that this is all happening for a reason? Can we change our perception to know that this is what Divine Intervention looks like? We get to choose our reality. Nothing outside us is in our control, but we do get to control how we RESPOND to what life is dishing out.

There are only two dimensions in the attitudes we will project. Either you behave as if you are a victim of circumstance, or you take full responsibility for your situation. At low levels of frequency human beings look outside themselves when they experience an emotional high or an emotional low. The human tendency is to look for outer causes for our moods, rooted in the essential core belief that we are victims of our material reality. In order to escape from prison one must first realize that one is in a prison.

Last night my husband and I consciously decided to check out of the collective consciousness. We unplugged from the swirling fear that was vibrationally consuming our country by retreating into our hot tub. Joking that we were getting into a time machine. We agreed to unplug from all media, to shut off our personal devices and to retreat into our own little world. Lighting a candle FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED, which burned all night and remains lit today. We prepared ourselves for the shift humanity was about to go through. Whether we liked it or not.

What a Divine and perfect Spiritual Curriculum Trump lays before us.

For much of the population on our planet humanity is stuck in victim mode. People blame for all the things going wrong in their life and they wait quietly in a corner for some savior to save the day.

I believe that as humanity transitions out of the mode of victimhood and towards freedom, the only way this can happen is for everyone to come into the knowing that no one can save them. No one can save you except yourself. I do not say this as a cynic, but rather as the deep knowing that I am in control of only one thing – me. I control my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I can make a choice to see this historic world event as a natural world disaster or to shift my perspective into the knowing that, while I may not be able to see it at this moment, that all is happening as it should. As it must for the continued evolution of our world.

This is an opportunity for humanity to realize that even a mogul like Trump can’t make them richer or happier or healthier. That regardless of his promises and their belief, that he is not a savior. He cannot (and I predict, will not) solve their problems and sooth their hearts.

Only we can do this for ourselves.

Trump is here to be the catalyst for the change in which people claim their own power. He is the catalyst for which people will learn that they can rely only on their own strength, their own knowing, their own truth. For the people to rise-up and know that they are the creators. That they have all the answers and all the resources inside themselves and by our thoughts alone, that we are creating our realities. He is the catalyst by which we will all come into this knowing. He will be the underpinning that births the revelation that is not about one. It’s about oneness.

I have been begging my husband to meditate with me for a year. I want him to experience the rich juicy deliciousness of Spirit providing that yummy e-ticket Disneyland ride that takes place on my bedroom floor each morning. He has declined with his many reasons asking me to please stop pushing and that his meditation is in front of his canvas. It was this morning that he sat down next to me. It was today, on this day, he chose to go within. I saw this as symbolic for what needs to occur in our country. Although he sat for only five minutes, I allowed the tears to stream down my face as I came into the awareness that this is what will rebalance our country. Going within.

We have a choice. We can plug ourselves into the continued unfolding angst, the sadness, the upset and the drama. Or we can ask ourselves, “what is here for me? What is unfolding at this time that is for the greater good of our world? How can the chaos, the disruption and what appears to be the opposite of peace be disguised as a gift to lead us to just that?

We can know that the spiritually-guided Universe is wiser than our ego-based selves, and that the Gods are at work. That no matter how ugly things may appear, that all is unfolding for the greater good. THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

And so it is.