The Ultimate Activation for Your Entelechy

House Of Spirits, butterfly, butterfly on a rooftop

Image used with permission from House of Spirits by Paul Bond Fine Art

When you are feeling lost, incomplete, unfulfilled, stuck and stagnant, it leads to feelings of frustration, depression, sadness not to mention lack of meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life.

Underneath all that noisy mess, there is a code inside of you with all the answers. A dynamic code that is awaiting activation which then launches your life into full swing of why you are here, what you came to learn and how to live on purpose energized with vibrant health, spiritual aliveness and an expanded version of yourself that is enough.

Encoded within you is an entelechy. The fullest realized expression of who you came here to be in this life. It’s a dynamic code inside of you. Think of it like an energetic blueprint. In the same way that a caterpillar is encoded to become a butterfly and an acorn is programmed to express as an oak tree, you too have a dynamic code.
The ultimate activation for your entelechy is in stepping out of your comfort zone and toward the direction of your hearts calling. We can begin doing this with Whole-Self Mastery. ©

A way to recognize this direction, is it will often feel scary. It will have an element of excitement and inspiration and then you feel fear come in fast with a wallop to your awareness slamming shut any notion you have of pursuing your “big idea” or your dream or your hearts calling.

Pay attention to this! It’s a clue.

Imagine you witness someone doing, saying, sharing something that you find very inspiring, uplifting, intriguing. You are drawn toward them. You are captivated. You feel the energy of aliveness move through you. You secretly imagine yourself in that spot. You feel the energy of the dream for a split second and then BAM -in an instant you tell yourself, “snap out of it. You could never do that…be that…share that…because….bla…bla….bla” (Your inner critic jumps in here and squashes the whole thing pointing out all your deficiencies, flaws and inadequacies.)

But the truth is, you FELT something stir inside of you. You felt an energy, a pull. You felt uplifted, inspired, drawn towards, even captivated by this person…thing….idea. You know what it is for you. It won’t let you go. It’s got a hold of you in such a way that it’s a full body visceral experience. Even though this might not make logical sense in your mind, there is something inside of you that you trust.

As far as your inner critic goes – don’t worry, there are strategies for her. ask her to wait on the sidelines for a few moments so you can catch your breath and just explore.

Whatever this thing is – it’s calling for your attention, your awareness. It’s trying to wake you up. Don’t ignore this hint of aliveness. It just needs a little bit of willingness.

Can you imagine you’re willing to be courageous? To give yourself permission to experiment? To maybe even get it wrong and let it be okay??

The dynamic code inside of you is awaiting activation. It wants to be awake. It will require you to make a leap. Sometimes a leap can be making a phone call or attending a meeting. Maybe that leap is buying a building or selling a house. Perhaps the leap is enrolling yourself in a program that you can’t quite identify the benefits or the return on investment, but you just have a feeling.

The one thing you are totally sure of in your body, is it will require you to step out of the familiar. To enter a space that you have limited to no current experience with. It asks you to wade further into the deep end of the pool. It beckons you out of your comfort zone.

This is the only way it qualifies as a “leap”. (Without Divine intervention that is, but that is another article)
Our rational mind wants all the protection mechanisms in place. It wants to keep us safe, confined in our little world of familiarity. Our logical parts want to know how long it will take, what are the risks, the cost benefit analysis, the return on investment so it can have the feeling of being safe.

But that’s not how the activation can happen.

The activation is like a gateway. Imagine standing at a crossroad and there are several paths you can take. You can stay on the path you are on and stick with the status quo. There are a bunch of other roads, but you’ve never been on any of them and you think you don’t have a map.

But when you make the leap, invisible doors you cannot see from your current vantage point – suddenly appear and they open. This only occurs mid-stream in the leap.

The quality and size of the leap aligns you with the energetic pull of the next corridor and you are aligned with that pathway. You continue along that trajectory until the next invitation arises – and the next activation is set up and set off. Your Soul has the map. Your soul IS the map.

I was a corporate marketing executive for 28 years. An incredible amount of discontent set me up to resign my multiple six-figure career leaving behind my status, prestige and sense of achievement. I resigned without a plan or a clue, but I had a deep knowing inside of me that could not be ignored.

My leap not only opened the door to the work I do today in the world, but It opened me to a deep level of radical acceptance, self-understanding, deep compassion, and a level of self-love I didn’t know was possible in my old life. This leap activated my gifts of courage, loving, connection, authentic empowerment and a profound sense of reverence for myself, my journey and my spiritual Being-ness on this epic human adventure. It was the ultimate activation for my entelechy.

To be clear, our entelechy is not a destination. It’s not a job or a relationship or millions of dollars in your bank account. It’s not really anything we think we can have or get in the physical world. Our entelechy is an unfoldment that takes place over the course of our entire life. It’s the real, True, brilliant expression of the Truth of YOU.

Being in alignment with this inherent intelligence, this innate code, this Divine spark is the difference between living a joyful, inspired, invigorated, creative, awake life filled with wonder, aliveness, liberation and freedom or slowing killing your Life Force by shutting down your own inspiration.

The ultimate activation for your entelechy is getting out of your comfort zone and moving towards the direction of your heart’s calling. And then doing it again, and again and again.

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