The Great Resignation Is Right On Time

A Roadside Shaman Attempts to Explain the Tao, painting of a raven, art zen and tao, art featuring birds, art with shaman, painting with crow in headdress

Image used with permission from A Roadside Shaman Attempts to Explain the Tao by Paul Bond Fine Art

The Great ReSignation. The Great ReEvaluation. The Great ReImagination.
All, Right on Time.

Never a Bad Time to Start Re-Imagining

Arianna Huffington has called this time “The Great Re-Evaluation”. However, I think it may be better to call it the Great Re-Imagination. It is being inspired by the Great Resignation and it’s perfectly timed with the great awakening that is taking place on the planet right now.

I voluntarily stepped down from my quarter-of-a-million-dollar-a-year gig in 2016.

It was scary as hell, but I did it. But not only did I do it, I then reimagined my entire work experience, built a business that is making the world a better place, and then went on to publish a book about how I did it.

I was a step or two ahead of the Great Resignation curve, and now I’m in a position where people can benefit from my first-hand experience.

You’re probably already dreaming of quitting. Or, maybe you are one of the bold who took the plunge who voluntarily left 47.4 million jobs in 2021, and as a result, life might be unfolding in a whole different way for you.

Or, maybe you are sitting in a slump, asking yourself, “what the hell did I just do?

Whichever path you might be on, you’re right on time.


Your Instincts Are Leading You Along the Right Path

Re-Evaluation, as Arianna Huffington calls it, is taking place all over the globe and it’s really a direct reflection of people everywhere awakening into their innate and inherent power. The intuitive sense that there has to be a different way to live.

The inner knowing that you are so much more than what you’ve given yourself credit for.

In this nano-second of a human moment, people are beginning to value themselves more. We are beginning to notice the preciousness of our fleeting lives differently. We are starting to value the short-lived time we have left on our planet and want it to be meaningful in a new way.

The time is now to go beyond “work-life” balance or even “life-work” balance. What needs to emerge is a “whole-life” balance.

Let’s face it. You are not a machine. You never were and you never will be. Yet, much of our society and work culture have driven people as if they are mechanical robots.

And millions of us, myself included, have fallen in step, and fallen asleep to that directive. For decades we fell into the trap and behaved in that manner as a hypnotic trance.

In so doing, the routine, monotonous, regimented day-to-day grind has squelched your life force and dimmed your Spirit in such a way that you’re in constant survival mode.

Now we are awake. And, we are all taking our power back.


You Cannot Stop What Wants to Be Expressed from Inside of You

You see, everyone has a dynamic code within them, called entelechy.

This entelechy is an inexhaustible inner-lure to express the fullest realized expression of who you really are. The entelechy of a caterpillar, for example, is a butterfly. The entelechy of an acorn is an oak tree.

The Big Quit, the Great Resignation, the Great Re-Evaluation, the Re-Imagination is really asking, “What did you come here to be in this life?” “How will you live into your entelechy?”

The answer is not simple. You did not come here to be a doctor or lawyer or graphic designer or technology engineer.

You may express your highest potential through those avenues, but when we ask the question, “what did you come here to ‘BE’?” it’s really pointing to the fullest realized expression of you, regardless of what or how you are doing it.

What do you imagine it looks like to live out your own fullest expression in your life? And more importantly, what does it feel like? Another simple way to ask the question is, what brings you to life? What infuses life into you?

Because The Great Resignation is all about THAT.

What the Great Resignation is trying to solve is far beyond burnout. The problem is the way in which we have been living is killing people’s spirits.

What is up for re-invention and re-imagination is our value system. It’s time to place the preciousness of people and the planet above profit, productivity, and production.


ReEvaluation, Resignation, and Re-Imagination as a Revolution

We are creators!

Each one of us is here as a unique, individualized expression of the energy of “All That Is”. You are a spiritual Being on an epic human adventure.

You are not meant to keep yourself in a tiny box following rules that someone else made up, working yourself to death for someone else’s dream.

This is your one precious life. You are here to express yourself! And you can only do that by engaging with all of you. Engaging with your wholeness.

There is no such thing as a “work-life” balance anymore – in today’s world, we need a “Whole-Life” balance. We need to bring our whole selves into all the areas of our life.

We are waking up to the knowing that our human life is significantly void without an experience with our Original Wisdom. Original Wisdom is the inherent intelligence in all Beings that is rooted in unconditional love.

Your entelechy is the dynamic code within you. You are here to unlock that code. The clue to the expression of that code is that it is life-giving.


Meaning, That Which Makes You Feel Alive.

The American mythology writer Joseph Campbell said, “I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

The fulfillment of your unique entelechy unfolds as you align your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with the highest part of yourself, your Original Wisdom. This is a personal process of expansion and expression.

This is Whole Life Mastery©

The confining, limiting, soul-sucking space of a job that you hate is not where it’s going to unfold. The Big Quit, The Great Resignation, The Great Re-Evaluation are all just reflections of the mass global transformation of consciousness that is taking place on the planet at this time.

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