What is an Intention and How to Set One with Donna Bond

What is an Intention and How to Set One?

An intention is using your powers as a creator as an opportunity to consciously partner with the universe in architecting what you would love to experience in your life. An intention is a way to provide an energetic template for a power greater than you – when considering for yourself:
What do I intend?
What do I want to occur?
What do I want to happen here?
What would I love?
What would really uplift me?

Intentions are different than goals. For more on that see my video The difference between Goals and Intentions.

Setting and holding intentions are two different facets when working with intentions.
Setting an intention is the creation and formation of an idea. It’s you making an inner inquiry with yourself, about your wishes, desires, wants, needs, ambitions, aspirations or yearnings that will serve or support your life in a positive way.

Holding an intention is regularly revisiting the creative idea that you’ve formed. Holding an intention is about placing your attention on the intention. This is how the universe knows what you want. You can do this in meditation or as a morning mantra. You can write it on an index card and place it near your laptop, on the visor in your car or magnet it to the refrigerator.

Intentions can be simple or complex.

Simple intentions can be about experiencing more of a specific quality. You can hold the intention of experiencing more joy, fulfillment, calm, aliveness, prosperity, etc. Or you can create an entire scene – a living vision of sorts – where you string together many intentions that paint a picture for what you’d like to have happen. You can create a living vision around your health, your career, your relationships, or your life.

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These are self-guided personal growth activities as featured in my book Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You.

Because working with intention is literally partnering with the infinite intelligence that is powering the universe, know that when you engage in working with intentions, you are accessing a pretty powerful and dynamic Source. You’ve heard the saying, careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Working with intentions is really a way of relating to the world. It’s a way I ask for and receive help. It’s a way I can release the imagined burden I carry on my own shoulders and turn it over to a power greater than me.
Don’t take my word for it.. test it out yourself.

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