What Is Professional Coaching?

A Delicate Perch, painting of a red bird perched atop stacked stones with ladders built out of twigs and flowers on a hillside

Image used with permission from A Delicate Perch by Paul Bond Fine Art

One Coach’s Perspective

Professional coaching is a deep personal conversation that takes place within the context of a professional relationship. It is an ongoing conversation about the vision for your life and how to move forward in the realization of that vision. It is a discussion about updating your mindset, discovering your skill set and determining the action steps needed for creating and living an extraordinary and fulfilling life, career, business, organization or dream.

Professional Coaching is done in service to creating a purposeful and extraordinary life.

Inside each one of us we hold the wisdom, knowledge, vision and guidance to direct our own lives in beautiful and miraculous ways. Professional coaching is about accessing those answers within you. Coaching helps you navigate the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Coaching Is About You

Coaching is about the exploration, discovery and unfolding of you. Its purpose is to uncover your heart’s desires and to bring them to the forefront of your awareness. To discover and uncover your essential nature, referred to as the Authentic Self.

Coaching is a commitment to yourself. And, it is not for the faint of heart. It’s not always comfortable nor easy. A rich coaching conversation is filled with vulnerability, willingness, honesty and truth about where you are in your life now and where you want to be. Instead of always trying to be on top of things, coaching is about getting underneath things.

Our lives are so easily stuck on auto-pilot. We fall into the same loop and hit the play button again and again because we don’t know how to move forward. If we continue the same behavior we are demonstrating now, we will experience the same predictable future. Depending on how you think your life is going, this may or may not be a good thing. Many spend more time posting stuff about what happened on Facebook than we do really imagining what we want to bring forward and create in our future lives.

A coach is a partner in creating your ideal life. One that you can be completely honest with. One who calls forward your brilliance when you are having trouble seeing it yourself. A partner who can assist in identifying your personal resources and empowering you to bring them forth. A coach is a partner who will gently and lovingly bring your awareness to the self-defeating patterns that keep you stuck. Awareness, which can often be the simple cure to forward motion in your life. Having a coaching partner is about navigating the evolution of your best self.

The goal of coaching is to help you explore the unlimited possibilities to be realized and limiting beliefs to be overcome. To examine and perhaps update your thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and patterns in service to a rich, expanded and fulfilling life experience. Coaching is about you recognizing the possibilities that exist and then supporting you taking forward moving action in that direction. Coaching accelerates your progress.

As a coach who practices the principals of Spiritual Psychology, my intention is to have you fully, freely and comfortably express who you truly are. Not just during our sacred, private confidential relationship, but throughout all aspects of your life. My intention is to serve you at a deep authentic level and assist you in shifting your perspective to come to know that all of life is for your learning, growth and upliftment.

My intention is for you to discover the many incredible gifts you possess and to come fully into alignment with what is possible for you and your life. it is my intention to assist you in moving forward both in your external life (physical reality) which is referred to as the Goal Line as well as your internal (interior) life, which is referred to as the Soul Line. It is my intention to support you in the growth and expansion of your life on all levels; mental, emotional, behavioral and Spiritual. We are more than just our thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

We have an infinite part of our Being that is filled with all the inner resources, knowing and wisdom we can use to experience our lives in a deep, meaningful and fulfilling way. As a coach, my intention is to assist you in connecting with this part of your Being and bringing that essence more fully into your life.

Professional life coaching is about creating more joy, fulfillment, adventure, fun and aliveness in your life. You are the agenda and guiding you toward living an authentic meaningful life, as you define it, is the purpose.