The Retreat

DiscoverThe Authentic You

Love Your Sweet Self

Does life feel out of balance? Do things look okay on the outside, but you feel like something is missing on the inside? Is everyday Groundhog Day?

Maybe the world changed and you want to feel more alive. You just want to be happy – deep inside yourself, regardless of how crazy the world gets.

Perhaps you feel stuck searching for something different. But you’re not even sure what it is you want. It’s overwhelming. Frustrating. Scary. This is a sign of your turning point. There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken.

If you are longing for something deeper, for more enrichment, for more aliveness, I invite you to stay.

Align Your Mind

Cultivate More Joy, Meaning and Resilience

For The Woman Who

Crossed their ‘goal-line’ but feels something stronger tugging in the distance

Is walking the path of self-discovery and feminine leadership

Is trying to make a difference in the world

Wants a relationship that reflects a true partnership

Is unapologetically ready, to be more of her divine, powerful self

Wants more energy, aliveness and enthusiasm for life

Wants her inner resilience to radiate from authentic empowerment

Join Us For Our 2-Day Retreat

Over The Weekend You’ll

  • Let go of the “doing” and discover new Ways of Being
  • Strengthen the trust in yourself and your higher power
  • Identify patterns that prevent you from getting what you want
  • Gain clarity on your life direction, and what really matters to you
  • Become less critical and judgmental of yourself and others
  • Connect and share with other women in a loving, safe and confidential space
  • Relax into guided processes and be deeply heard and feel truly seen
  • Move into a deep level of compassion and loving acceptance for all the parts of your sweet self
  • Learn self-honoring practices that include your human self and your higher self
  • Get personal coaching from Donna while being supported by like-minded women

What if you stopped questioning yourself and no longer lived according to everyone else’s plan?

I Need To Ask,

What if you could figure out what makes you feel most alive and start trusting yourself at the deepest level? What if you could discover what really matters to you? What if you could stop all the “doing” that keeps you trapped in a loop? If you could learn how to let go of self-doubt, self-betrayal and self-sabotage and discover a new way to Be? What if you could meet all the parts of yourself with love and compassion and really begin honoring your sweet self?

If you’re ready to see yourself in a new light, to let go of old identities and old patterns, to emerge with a new level of confidence and a deep level of inner knowing, consider coming. If you’re ready to meet yourself with love, acceptance, compassion and learn how to honor your sweet self, come.

You are worth it.

Discover A Deeper Connection

This Weekend Is About You And You. Come Discover Your True Self.

Imagine living in a totally grounded state of complete inner knowing, self-trust, self-love and acceptance.

Together, we’ll explore how to acknowledge and appreciate all of your humanness and your essential nature — what’s navigating this life and that which exists beyond the conditioned patterning of your ego.

Let’s increase your enthusiasm for life and promote your innate capacity to live with joy, dignity and purpose.

Listen to the whispers of your heart and the call of your Spirit.

The Experience

Renew The Power Of The Authentic You

As a participant in Discover The Authentic You, over two and a half days you will connect with like-minded women and

  • Connect, share and laugh with your new sisters
  • Practice deeply transformative experiential activities
  • Be guided toward your own answers to life’s questions
  • Experience emotional and healing breakthroughs
  • Bring awareness and understanding to life’s mysteries
  • Learn transformational tools you will use for a lifetime
  • Discover and align with your Soul’s purpose
  • Relax and restore with sacred quality time for yourself
Amenities For Your Weekend
  • Experience beautiful Southern California
  • Feel pampered in plush accommodations and
  • 2-Nights of luxury at The Waldorf Astoria Resort
  • Mouth-watering cuisine and freshly made fare daily
  • Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Donna

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It will be my honor to guide you through the beautiful weekend that is Discover the Authentic You.

With Love From Donna

I see your Light and I know how much you want to express your true self with the world. I see the part of you that is made of Love. I know you feel let down by life. Like it’s all on you. That it’s not going according to plan. I can see the possibility for you. The potential to release the old patterns holding you back, so you can feel alive and begin living on purpose.

I wish you could see what I see. I wish you knew that you are far more powerful than you’ve been pretending to be. Maybe you do. That if you could love yourself you would release exhaustion and self doubt. That you would find clarity around your purpose. That you would stop spending time doing things that don’t light you up. That you would take risks and pursue that big dream you put off.

Deep down, maybe you’re afraid you’ll never experience your full potential, and you and this life will always be just “okay” but never magical, meaningful, amazing and loving. I invite you to join us. To experience the true freedom and aliveness in aligning your inner truth and your outer experience – between your head and your heart – mind, body and Soul.

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