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Welcome to my personal transformation videos. These videos are about topics including self-esteem, videos about building confidence, videos about self-worth and personal value, videos about personal power and authentic empowerment and videos about self-love and learning to relate to yourself with a deeper level of love and compassion. My intention is to provide helpful ideas that also uplift and inspire you.

Personal Transformation Videos

Lift Your Gaze   A Free Webinar

Lift Your Gaze A Free Webinar

You’ve dedicated your life to everyone else. It’s time to empower your Highest Self. Life wants you to stand in your truth and reclaim your purpose – to experience living

Donna Bond Client Testimonials

Here directly from Sanya Bari, M.Ed, LPC, NCC, CTS, CDC and Lexi Rothschild, Artist and Designer on what it’s like to work with Donna Bond. Donna Bond is a Soul-Centered

hang up the how Part 1

hang up the how Part 1

Consider the HOW is not up to you. Your job is to use your energy to get really clear on the WHAT and the WHY and leave the HOW up

Aren’t You Tired of Playing Small?

Aren’t You Tired of Playing Small?

If you’re ready to stop playing small and you are committed to stepping into your truth and your authentic power, I can help you. When you are ready to own