Loving Your Sweet Self Women’s Retreat with Donna Bond

Join us for the ultimate women’s retreat with Donna Bond, focused on personal transformation, self-love, and connecting with your higher self. Perfect for busy corporate women executives looking to take a break, recharge, and reconnect with themselves at the deepest level. Book now and give yourself the gift of self-love and personal growth.

Loving Your Sweet Self Women’s Retreat
Understand Self-Honor, Demonstrate Self-Trust and Accept Self-Love by Attuning to your Original Wisdom

In 2016 I had a dream that there was a bloody fish hook all the way through my left breast. In the dream I was looking back at myself in a mirror and I said out loud, “How are you going to get out of this?”

I jolted awake and sat straight up in bed. That day I made an appointment for an ultrasound, which led to many more appointments and five days before my 47th birthday I was being given a positive breast cancer diagnosis.

That day marked the end of me violating my inner knowing and my own self trust. For pretty much my whole life, I let “logic” overrule my gut. I ignored lots of tiny whispers that nudged me to go when I chose to stay back. I pushed down and pushed away feelings of discontent and pushed on because I needed to make it “look good” on the surface.I gave the “right” answer, not the honest one. I followed through with “obligation” not with what I really wanted. I believed everyone else was smarter than me and always followed their lead, discounting my own inner truth.

Thank God I didn’t blow off my dream!

That was the day I stopped walking over and past myself.

I was a perfectionist. Running and gunning as they say. Driven by the belief that “you’re only as good as your last P&L”. That no matter what I did or who I was, it would never be enough. My ruthless, critical inner judge was always looking for someone or something outside of myself for validation and to make me feel like I was “worth it.” Be that money, praise, recognition or “stuff”. For years I played out the loop, buying into the misbelief that the next award or bonus or promotion would fill the empty void inside.

That day I stopped letting societal conditioning and “logic” override my self-trust, deeper truth and inner knower. I stopped discarding the intelligent and brilliant voice of my higher self.

It marked the beginning of time when I truly began listening, responding, and honoring my Original Wisdom – the inherent intelligence in all Beings rooted in unconditional love. It marks the day when I really started loving myself.

I thought self-care was a way to love myself getting eight hours of actual sleep or a massage on the weekends. I thought self love was something a narcissist did.

But I had it all wrong.

Through my own inner journey of personal transformation I learned that the purpose of my life is really about honoring and supporting myself in such a way that it creates the self-trust and inner esteem I need to fully express my authentic self out in the world so I can fulfill the higher mission of my soul. THIS is Self-Love.

I have come to know that Self-love is about paying attention to your inner knowing and trusting yourself enough to take action on it even when it might seem ridiculous, nonsensical or even scary. It’s about letting “where you are now” be okay, knowing on some level, that all the answers we seek are within us.

Self-Love is taking some time, every single day, to be quiet with yourself. To practice gentle discipline, to slow down, to deeply connect to yourself. So then your cup is full when you connect to others.

Self-love is listening to your body. It’s finding your voice and using it.
It’s the the revelation of yourself as a Divine Being on an epic human adventure and it’s knowing that you are here for a higher purpose.
Self-love is following your joy.

It’s believing in yourself and having the courage to stand in your truth even when everyone else may be telling you that you’re crazy. It’s listening to and acknowledging your feelings with an attitude of caring acceptance and compassion toward yourself.

After working with hundreds of clients supporting them in dismantling the false narratives they’ve been holding about themselves, I have defined Self Love as the honor, reverence and compassion respecting all of the divinity and humanness that is you.

If you are ready to Love your Sweet Self at the deepest level, check out my women’s retreat at www.lovingyoursweetself.com