Self Love Assessment

On my own journey to Self-Love, I discovered many things. One of those things is that Webster’s definition is an old and outdated viewpoint on this highly important topic.

Therefore; I’ve created a new definition for Self-Love.

“Self-Love is the honor, reverence and compassion respecting all the Humanness and Divinity that is you.”

Self-Love is certainly a journey, one that I got to learn through a breast cancer diagnosis. Today, I support people in understanding the true distinctions between self-care and Self-Love and what it really means to love all the parts of your sweet self.

Take this self-assessment quiz to get a deeper level of understanding in the difference areas of Self-Love so you can support yourself going forward with greater levels of loving. The assessment provides you with a picture of where you are inside yourself regarding Self-Love. If you’d like to learn more, reach out. I’d love to be a guide for you.

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