Self love is a
Practice of Acceptance

Self Love Assessment

“If something in your life is missing, it’s probably you.”

— Dr. Robert Holden

Life is a mirror. We search and search for what we want in the OUTER world only to turn up empty each time. We look OUT THERE to try and find, happiness, joy, peace, wisdom and most of all, LOVE.

What we fail to recognize is that the world is just a reflection of who we are. The experience we have in the OUTER world is simply being reflected to us because of what we are holding INSIDE ourselves.

To correct the problem – to fill the void – to find what we are looking for we need to stop looking OUT THERE and we need to turn our focus, attention and LOVE, IN HERE.

What you may not realize consciously is that inside of you (and everyone) is a Higher, clear-sighted, totally equanimous part of YOU. This Higher part of your Being – Your Original Wisdom has been with you from the day you came to this life.

When you begin to practice Whole-Self Mastery© you ground yourself in the Truth of the Loving Presence that is the higher part of your Being. The first step in this direction is to stop looking for Love OUT THERE and begin Loving your Sweet Self right here and right now.

The secret to finding Love is embodying Whole-Self Mastery©. It is simple when you begin to recognize ALL of You. It’s a path where personal growth is only possible through loving acceptance, self-compassion, self-honoring and personal reverence for the epic human journey you make as a Spiritual Being.

There is a way to let go of Self-Betrayal, Self-Doubt and Self-Sabotage, Igniting Your Light to shine your highest potential.

“Self-Love is the honor, reverence and compassion respecting all the Humanness and Divinity that is you.”

— Donna Bond

The journey to Self-Love is a practice that changes everything. A journey I traveled due to a breast cancer diagnosis. Today, I support people in understanding the true distinctions between self-care and Self-Love and what it really means to love all the parts of your sweet self.

When you turn your attention INWARD it is only then thing will begin to change OUTWARDLY. If what you’ve done up until now hasn’t worked, perhaps consider giving this a try.

Take this self-assessment to gain a deeper level of understanding of the differences and new areas you can support yourself in with practices of Self-Love.

The assessment provides you with a rich picture of where you can begin with new ways to love your sweet self.

Self-Love is a practice. If you’ve ever wanted to be more compassionate, loving and understanding with yourself, with your struggles, with your life attending my women’s retreat Loving Your Sweet Self is the perfect place to learn the rituals and practices to evolve the most important relationship in your life.

How strong is your Self-Love? Take our quiz to find out.

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