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Image used with permission from Morning At Brown Sugar Beach by Paul Bond Fine Art

When I coach with someone, I usually don’t cyber stalk them to find out information about them. I know this could be perceived as

“Oh my God! You don’t research your clients before you start working with them to find out everything you can about them???!!!”

Yes, Exactly. I don’t.

I actually don’t want to know about their physical world status or success on purpose. I am most interested in their Soul Essence or what I call Original Wisdom, so I purposely don’t look up who they are, what they do or how they got to where they are today.

When I coached Paula, I didn’t know a lot about her professional life.

Clients share their most intimate life details with me. It’s an honor and a privilege to be witness to the sacred opportunity I have to support people in personal evolution throughout their life. Together in our powerful coaching conversations, my intentions are to help my clients call on the wisdom and knowingness of their soul, and step away from the programmed part of their ego and personality.

It doesn’t really matter what people do for a living. I’m interested in what their soul longs for.


Paula was in Las Vegas and I was in California and it was even less likely that I knew of her and her successful media company. She invited me to her office however; where I facilitated some group coaching and leadership training with her and the team.

While I was in her office it was then I first noticed Paula’s physical world status as I witnessed the framed magazine cover on her wall. With her picture on the cover. I thought to myself,

“Oh boy, Paula Y is kinda a big deal.”

After a little research of Mass Media I learned Paula started the company with just two clients in a small rented cubicle and has since grown into a 42-person full-service advertising agency.

Paula hired me to support her in stepping back from the thriving company. Yet, she has all this amazing wisdom, energy and desire to genuinely help people. That is why she created her own podcast to support entrepreneurs all over in growing their business in many different ways.

Today she is the Entrepreneur, Business Builder and host of the Scrappy Entrepreneur Show. It’s a fun and interesting mix of insight and advice from entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and experts across the wide spectrum of business. She shares practical, informative tips from the trenches to help you thrive and prosper as an entrepreneur.

She recently had me on her show. We had a blast and here is the episode.

Donna Bond: Harness your higher purpose as an entrepreneur
The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast

Today my guest is Donna Bond, a Life and Business Coach who is the owner of Donna Bond Professional Coaching and Consulting, based in San Clemente, California. After earning a degree in hotel and restaurant management, Donna spent 28 years in the hotel business as a marketing executive. At the age of 45, she had an epiphany that life was passing her by. She left her prestigious job at the Ritz-Carlton in 2014 and became self-employed as a marketing consultant. A year and a half later, she earned a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and started her new role as a life and business coach, helping countless clients improve their lives by getting in touch with what their “higher purpose.” Recently she wrote her first book, Original Wisdom: Harnessing the Power of the Authentic You.

In this episode we dive into:

  • Identifying the kind of life you want
  • Why our soul calls us to something greater, to the next level of potential
  • How to navigate outside your comfort zone
  • Why we have to “make the leap” and then our “net” appears
  • How to discover our powers of creation
  • Engaging with life so that it gives you feedback
  • Reinventing how we live and how we do business
  • How to invest our energy into possibility and vision
  • How to avoid narrow-minded thinking
  • Why you should avoid having expectations for a particular outcome
  • The benefits of slowing down
  • How to transform fear into courage
  • How affirmations can help awaken your “inner knowingness”
  • The value of meditation


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