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What a pleasure to be with Jeremy Grater.

Zach couldn’t make it today, which worked out great, as Jeremy and I had a lovely chat. Jeremy has created this beautiful life forhimself. He said, “in this moment, I have everything I need and my family is happier than they’ve ever been,” but his inner doubter is still wreaking havoc in his
consciousness, telling him, “nothing good lasts; all that you’ve worked for will be taken away” Listen to this episode as I actually coach Jeremy, inviting him to hang up the how and keep his attention, energy and intention aligned with his highest vision. Jeremy has some big dreams. He’s also accomplished big dreams. I actually think he might just be playing a game with himself to see the new heights of meaningful success he can create in his life. He was present and honest. He let me coach him. Which is not the norm for the interview style podcasts I usually do. And it was kind of fun. I sometimes dream about having my own podcast and actually coaching people live during the show.

This was a little sample of that. Jeremy and I talked about money. Stupid money. He doesn’t know that I had 2.5 acres of land given to me. Nor did I get to tell him that the money we needed to build a house on that land literally “fell” out of the sky. I forgot to let Jeremy know that abundance comes in all forms and shows up through multiple channels. We just ran out of time.
What I want Jeremy to know as I reflect on our great chat together is perhaps instead of sorting after stupid money (which we all fantasize about), perhaps we can see that money itself makes us stupid because we then overlook the many channels of abundance all around us.

There is an abundance of air for our lungs. There is an abundance of sky giving us spaciousness. There’s an abundance of consciousness that never stops creating the reality that is all around us. Abundance is everywhere. When we start noticing that then we are the vibrational match, and the universe can’t help but deliver more of everything.
If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more, you can check out my
masterclass, which runs a couple of times a year.

Thank you, Jeremy! I loved our time together, and I love your helpful show. Thanks for your honest and vulnerability.