Original Wisdom: How To Harness the Power of the Authentic You with Donna Bond

Original Wisdom: How To Harness the Power of the Authentic You with Donna Bond

About This Episode Original wisdom is the power and life essence that resides in all of us. By accessing this higher self, you can discover your true, authentic self and begin to build a happy life around YOU. Instead of working yourself to death to reach the next level in your career, or letting limiting beliefs control your decisions, consider choosing the path of self-love and openness.

Speaking with host Jeremy about original wisdom is Donna Bond, an ex-marketing executive turned spiritual psychology coach. She has been a self-proclaimed “spiritual seeker” from a young age, but hid her passion for spirituality from her peers until a spiritual crisis led to her leaving the stability of a corporate job to live in her passion — on the advice of a psychic.

As discussed in this episode, letting go of all her doubts and fears to trust in the universe opened a new door to thinking and being. Donna was able to leave a state of stress and feeling like a victim of life’s circumstances. And now, she’s sharing how you can start this process, too!

Listen to Donna and Jeremy’s conversation to hear his deep experience interviewing Donna. From conquering fears, learning to let go, manifesting, getting to the deeper questions and MORE, this episode is sure to touch your soul.

Tune in to learn how you can get one step closer to being in a place to receive what the universe is offering!

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

Jeremy and Zach discuss feeling stuck Introducing Donna What is spiritual psychology? How does Donna help her clients discover their original wisdom? Letting go of the “how” Jeremy reflects on his spiritual wellness journey Donna helps Jeremy address some of his biggest fears How a breast cancer diagnosis changed Donna’s journey Why you need to start BEING and stop DOING What Donna did differently after leaving her corporate job Getting out of a state of resistance to be able to receive Donna’s masterclass, “Empower the Authentic You” The power of reframing your thoughts Envisioning the person you’re trying to become Don’t let the conversation end there. Join us in our Facebook Group where you and fellow Fit Mess listeners can connect for monthly challenges, accountability to reach your goals, and a supportive community.

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