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Vroom Vroom Veer Podcast

Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff
Live Like Your Writing the Story

My conversation with Jeff was interesting. Jeff is, shall we say…..a talker. You’ll get that when you listen. Somehow, Jeff dug into the emotional archives and got me talking about when my father died. Not in a superficial sense, but actually being at his bedside as he passed, as we disconnected the life support. WOW, just writing those words sends a shutter through me. I really acknowledge my 22 -year -old self. God Bless Her! We go through so much as humans, don’t we? What a scary experience for a young woman. In this moment, I am sending out love and light to all young people who have lost a parent.

It wasn’t until much later that I recognized this traumatic event in my life was perfectly folded into my path as a practitioner of Spirituality. In an event, Jeff and covered a lot of ground. And, he taught me about Twitter. (What I recognize as the blessing in disguise)He doesn’t really know this, but I kept getting alerts that my name was “in the press”, and I only began paying attention to it after day 5 or so. Then I realized that it was because Jeff posted about his podcast Vroom Vroom Veer–every day for like five days. And Twitter picks that stuff up and carries it all over the world.

So, whoever is meant to listen to this show will. I acknowledge Jeff for confronting mid-life awakening head on. Everyone goes through it, they just don’t always recognize it. Jeff has produced this show to shine light on this important crossroad in most people’s lives. It’s interesting to think my dad checked out of his. Enjoy the show Here.

Jeff Smith says the Midlife crisis is normal; congratulations, you’re human! Jeff worked in the Vroom Vroom lane in the United States Air Force for 20 years and then became a DOD contractor. In 2011 he quit his six- figure job, finished a degree in Psychology, figured out he didn’t want to do that and continued onward in his journey of exploration and discovery. The update….he is still on it–just like all of us.

Enjoy the show!
I am honored to be a guest on Vroom Vroom Veer.