Bump In The Road Podcast

Bump In The Road Podcast

Pat and I had a lovely meandering chat about courage, how to live an authentic life, how to navigate feeling terrified getting out of the comfort zone. Pat is no stranger to courage having followed her own calls to adventure selling off everything she owned and moving west.

In this podcast, I share about the soul call to move to Costa Rica and how I am following the invitation of the universe for my own expansion. Pat loved reading Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You. She quotes me (to myself :)) on a number of occasions. She put me right up there next to Joseph Campbell and Gary Zukuv. I am so humbled.

Of great value is when I reveal how to walk yourself out of the comfort zone, even when you’re afraid. There is a strategy we can use with the ego and I am living proof that it works. If you want to learn more about getting unstuck and how to navigate out of your comfort zone, you can always check out my free offering 4 Ways to Get Unstuck.

Pat Wetzel is the Creator of Bump In The Road, An online magazine and podcast. She is a creative, seasoned business woman with a goal of making the world a better place by encouraging a bit of compassion and connection. Over the years, she’s held positions in international finance, corporate planning and have been involved in a number of start ups.

Because everyone hits a bump in the road. What do you do with it? Be inspired as we explore the ways people experience, navigate and manage the ups and downs and twists and turns in this road trip called life.