Letting Go and Moving to Costa Rica with Donna Bond

Letting Go and Moving to Costa Rica with Donna Bond

Scott Wurtzbacher is really a love. He and I were in Robert Holden’s Metanoia group a few years ago. Scott has a beautiful presence, an open loving heart and kind, compassionate eyes. I am overjoyed to witness him courageously sharing himself out in the world. Inspire Campfire is a great podcast platform that Scott has created to share about ordinary people who have extraordinary stories about their lives. I was so honored to be with him.

Of course, Scott got me crying (no surprise, I know) He is so present and as he was asking about my journey, he has this beautiful ability to land with you right at the moment he is inquiring about.

He also got me to share about the imminent move to Costa Rica and how this is turning out to be my surrender project. Moving to Costa Rica is based solely on a soul call. And, sometimes that makes life messy and challenging – but always beautiful. I shared a bit about what Paul Bond and I are up to as our waning days in California wind down.

Scott is a big fan of Original Wisdom; Harness the Power of the Authentic You and he got me sharing about live about many of the key stories in the book and detailing out how I left corporate America. (If you are looking to reimagine your career, this is certainly the book for you!)

If you are hearing your own call to adventure and you’d like a guide in supporting you along your path, you can find me in the jungle!