Loving Yourself As A Strategy To Wholeness

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A New Way To Relate To Your Emotional System

The next month is going to prove to be challenging astrologically. Not just because Mercury is in retrograde – which rules information and communication – but because the retrograde is combined with Scorpio. Scorpio is all about what’s hidden. So, while I’m no astrologer the idea that we will be in a phase where we will be invited to go back (retrograde) and explore hidden (Scorpio) information and communications (Mercury) we may be in for an emotional month.

I want to suggest that loving yourself is the only way through it, if you want to make it useful and use it for your own personal transformation.

Life is a mirror and it’s always reflecting things to us that are hidden in our subconscious. So, the opportunity to revisit things that are hidden and that need to be REVEALED to be HEALED will be front and center. Loving yourself is the recipe in which success can be experienced here.

The Best Way to Get Through an Emotional Crisis

While this may be a perfect time to invite a new strategy into your awareness, it’s also a great way to lay down a new and permanent foundation on how to support yourself emotionally. In other words, how loving yourself can become a built-in emotional support system. This is not a time to mentalize what is coming up. The call to action here is to actually BE with your emotions.

What on earth does it mean to BE With your emotions?

Being with your emotions means actually allowing them. I want to even suggest loving them. Loving all the parts of you. Giving your emotions space to be explored and expressed in a gentle and compassionate way can be life-changing. In other words, feeling your feelings and not making yourself wrong for what you’re feeling. This is a self-love practice that is done in a private sacred space. In no way am I suggesting that you take your feelings out on anyone else as you attempt to explore and express them. This is about learning to create a new type of foundation for yourself in a beautiful and supportive way.
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Now, it’s possible that what is being revealed to be healed probably isn’t kitty cats and bunny rabbits. It’s likely more similar to fire breathing dragons and big scary monsters. (Given that it’s been buried, and you’ve been afraid to look until now.)

Remember the Pixar Animation Monsters, Inc? Remember how that sweet little child just loved up those monsters? What if you did that? What if you attempted to love the monsters and the dragons instead of trying to kill them? See, here is the thing. The emotions are yours. They don’t belong to anyone else. They are going on inside of you. When you can take 100% responsibility for the emotions inside of you, you can also step in as a powerful presence of loving and comfort yourself deeply.

Loving Yourself Means Loving All Of You

In the multifaceted beings that we are, we have a lot of parts. We have light parts and dark parts and shiny reflective parts and dull parts. We are dynamic and multidimensional. We are both human and Spiritual. What I am suggesting here is loving all of it. Loving all of you. Loving even the parts you don’t want to look at. And, doing so with tender compassion.

Be Gentle with Your Sweet Self

Loving yourself is a practice. I would also suggest this task requires help from a higher power – whatever that is in your life. I like to imagine my higher self is actually the one doing the loving of my human self. I imagine my Authentic Self is handling this. My Authentic Self is the part of me I know is the energetic, spiritual side of my nature which is comprised of the energy of pure Divine love. I let this higher part of my Being handle the tall task of Loving my humanness. In this, I believe a new strategy is birthed in Loving Yourself. And in that, I begin to love my wholeness. All my parts. Even the messy emotional parts.

On my own journey to Self-Love, I discovered many things. One of those things is that Webster’s definition is an old and outdated viewpoint on this highly important topic.

Therefore; I’ve created a new definition for Self-Love.

“Self-Love is the honor, reverence and compassion respecting all the Humanness and Divinity that is you.”

Self-Love is certainly a journey, one that I got to learn through a breast cancer diagnosis. Today, I support people in understanding the true distinctions between self-care and Self-Love and what it really means to love all the parts of your sweet self.

If you’d like to take my self-love assessment to get a deeper level of understanding in the difference areas of Self-Love CLICK HERE. The results will show you ways you can support yourself going forward with greater levels of loving. The assessment provides you with a picture of where you are inside yourself regarding Self-Love. If you’d like to learn more, reach out. I’d love to be a guide for you. You might also be interested in learning more about my women’s retreat Loving Your Sweet Self. The theme this year is “Loving Your Sweet Self.”