Do It For You

Do It For You

Getting Yourself at the Top of Your List

Summer is about to kick off.

This likely means you are about to launch into “DO-Mode” for everyone else. What if, at the end of the summer you created time and space to delve into your own heart and mind and really discover what brings you alive? What if you created the time to honor yourself as your number one priority? Even if it is just for two and a half days? What if you made this your secret little reward as a thank you to yourself for always taking such great care of everyone else in your life.

Are you living a happy, juicy, joy-filled life that you love?

Do you know what this even looks like? Not what it looks like according to society, or your parents or even your spouse. Do you know what is looks like for YOU? Would it be worth your time to explore it? Is it worth your time to connect to your own heart and vision how you want to experience your life?

Realize that how you spend your time while you are here on this planet, is how you spend your life.

We spend more time posting crap on Facebook than we do thinking about what we would really LOVE to create and experience in our life. Are you living to the fullest with the time that you do have? Do you love your life?
In the past, I gave my life to my work. Really, to the company I was working for. I wasn’t taking care of myself and even though I had tons of money in the bank and I got to take a fancy vacation once a year – I was mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually bankrupt. And then I got sick.

Creating the time to look inward is what inspired me to turn my life around.

My whole life I have been discovering parts of myself through what I call “taking the journey in”. Nothing else in my life has been more fulfilling, more joyful, more rich, more rewarding, more juicy – and just plain MORE – than the uncovering and discovering of my true self. Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D has an amazing quote that I love. He says, “If something in your life is missing, it’s probably you”.

When we find ourselves in times of distress then we start asking ourselves, “what is this life is really about?” Taking time to turn inward so we can find our light and then be able to shine it back out into the world can bring great fulfillment on a lot of levels.

Are you truly happy? Is life passing you by? Are you in a continuous loop of a repeat show?

For almost three decades my life was the pursuit of a destination. Sound familiar? We’ve bought into this idea that once we attain the “thing” (career, relationship, house, car, status, etc) THEN we’ll be happy. I know it’s like this for a lot of people. The quest for true fulfillment is why people chase the things they think are going to make them happy. I chased all these things and each time they would lead to the same place. A temporary and fleeting quick fix – that didn’t last. A little like empty calories. They taste good for a minute upon consumption, but ultimately you are left with nothing but an empty feeling.

By taking the journey into myself I have learned that the joy, fulfillment and richness of life is found “along the way”. It’s in the uncovering and in the discovering of ourselves and what makes us come alive.

The journey is about how we experience life.
Awakening into the infinite aspect of my true nature as a Divine limitless being, was a true game-changer for me. Deepening the relationship with myself and the part of me that is connected to the infinite intelligence organizing the universe, gave me an inner strength and a sense of personal empowerment that I had, in the past, always sought outside of myself. Can you relate?
As a former corporate executive and breast cancer survivor, I now know that my personal power exists inside me. It was just covered up. The revelation of my authentic self has instilled confidence, self-worth and a courageous heart within me. And that has led to living a more fulfilling, rich, juicy existence on this planet. Is this something you would like to experience in your life?

What I also discovered in my journey, is it’s my soul’s purpose if you will – to inspire other people to uncover the things that keep them from experiencing themselves as a Divine Being. To take the journey in.

Imagine, if everyone turned inward, toward their inherently loving heart and lived feeling empowered as the creator they are. How would our world be different?

Being fully grounded in your Authentic Self is knowing that you have the personal power to design and create a life that you love. Aligning with the idea that nothing is more important than the discovery and the birthing of your true self – is the foundation to a rich, juicy and fulfilling life.

Taking the journey in, is greatly assisted when you create the time and have access to the tools.

I have created the opportunity for just six women who are on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and conscious evolution. This is a chance to create time for YOU to discover YOU. Two and a half days in a sacred, intimate, loving container where you will be supported in exploring yourself and what you want to create in this new year and in this life. The theme – Discover the Authentic You.

I remain a student as much as I step into the role of the teacher. My own personal self-discovery has been the most rewarding and fulfilling work in my life. I know inside, this process is actually what my life is about. And now I know my heart’s greatest calling is to share this with others. And that is why I created this intimate women’s retreat.

Give yourself the summer to think about this and save the date October 18-20, 2019. For the first time I am offering the retreat with the option of the resort. (If you really want to make a self-honoring choice stay at the resort….it’s truly Divine!) As I continue to grow, expand and evolve myself, I am unsure if this offering will be available in 2020 and this is the last offering for 2019.

Registration is now open.

This summer while you are DO-ing for everyone else, consider how you can get yourself on your own list. As creative and photographer Ashley Strong Smith says, who already attended the retreat in 2018, “Do it for you!”

Do You Feel Authentically Empowered?

Do You Feel Authentically Empowered?

What Does It Mean to Feel Authentically Empowered?

Power is a precarious thing isn’t it?

We see people who allow power to be an experience their ego is having which oftentimes results in a negative experience for the individual themselves and those around them. The ego loves the opportunity to feel right and in control and perhaps that is why so many people seek power.

What about Authentic Empowerment? How is it different?

Authentic Empowerment is a state of inner authority. A feeling of being safe and secure in who you are and what you know to be true for you. It’s not something that can be found outside of yourself because it’s something that is cultivated through the process of Being Oneself.

We are brought up in a world of comparison. Our achievements are very much driven around being better, strong, faster…. But, where does that end? Demonstrating the courage of standing apart from the crowd, willing to be seen as YOU, in the truth of who you really are, can cultivate Authentic Empowerment. Perhaps the gifts are not in being better, but rather; different.

Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D. has a quote. He says, “No amount of self-improvement can make up for lack of self-acceptance.” I find incredible wisdom in this. As I connect the dots of Authentic Empowerment in my own life, I know that it has been through self-acceptance that I’ve come into alignment with who I am. Flaws and all….. And, how my acceptance of myself – regardless of what anyone else has to say about it – provides me with an inner strength and foundation on which I can continue to grow and learn and expand my life.


Authentic Empowerment also recognizes that we are Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience and not the other way around. We think we are a body and we have a soul, but really we are first a foremost a Soul – an energy system actually – and our body and personality is a more narrowly focused projection of our Soul. You can tune into this idea that you are an individualized expression of universal energy, you realize that you are far greater than anything you can even comprehend in your humanness.

This offering provides the framework for you to take a greater level of responsibility for the experience you are having in your life. To embrace your inner authenticity and bring to life the feeling of Authentic Empowerment.

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant or unsupported in where you are in life, this class may be the perfect solution. If you are at a major crossroad and you’d like guidance and support in how to make that decision from a personally empowered place, the life mastery tools in this class may be of assistance.

Empowerment is defined as the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

Gary Zukav’s definition is really what I am referring to, “Authentic Empowerment is the alignment of the personality with the soul, what it involves, how it happens, and what it creates. When the energy of the soul is recognized, acknowledged, and valued, it begins to infuse the life of the personality.”

If you’re ready to live a more rich, juicy, fulfilling life filled with aliveness, joy, creativity, meaning and purpose – maybe this class is for you. I am currently accepting applications. Details can be found at Empower the Authentic You.

This post was updated on August 18, 2020.



Living Your Life By Design Workshop

Living Your Life By Design Workshop

Living Your Life by Design

Full Day Event
You will keep breathing for the next 365 days. You have a choice to create your life by default or by design. In this full day workshop we will explore how your thoughts become things, how your beliefs create your world and you will learn two magical words that invite you to reclaim your power and make positive self-empowering choices in your life. Begin today to live your life by design and create a life you love.

Thoughts Become Things

9AM – 10:30AM

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking” ~Albert Einstein

We have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. 95% of them are repetitious and 80% of those are negative. Thoughts are living breathing transmitters of energy. Learn how your thoughts are the communication link between physical reality and creation. Begin observing and transforming them to affect positive change in your life.

10:30AM-10:45AM – Break

Our Beliefs Create Our World

10:45AM – 12:00PM

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

Identifying and transforming our limiting beliefs is the single biggest and most powerful step we can take to improve our lives. Bringing more awareness to the belief patterns that are operating in our consciousness helps us understand how these beliefs are shaping our real-life experience. Identify, excavate and shine light on beliefs you hold that may be keeping you stuck in life – and learn how to transform them.

12:00PM – 1:15PM – Lunch on Own


1:15PM – 3PM

“I am is the formula for creation” ~ Donna Bond

Anything you think or say after the words “I AM” is initiating creation into action. What you reveal to the world in the statement of “I am” is supported with your personal power and is an activation for the infinite part of yourself. Explore the limiting programs that are perpetuating undesirable experiences and align with the empowering discovery of how “I am” can beautifully shape your life.

3PM-3:30PM – Wrap up and goodbye

Brophy Art Gallery 139 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672
Investment in yourself $149 – Limited to just 15 people
Partnering with Your Authentic Self

Partnering with Your Authentic Self

Partnering with Your Authentic Self

Evening Event
Learn the difference between the voice of your ego and the wisdom of your authentic self. In this two hour experiential workshop you will learn how to recognize and cultivate partnership with your authentic self.

We all have an innate and infinite aspect of our Being that is always present, providing us personal higher-guidance. Learn how to identify, access and cultivate a partnership with your Authentic Self. Learn the difference between ego-driven thinking and authentic-self wisdom. Eliminate confusion and bring forward inner clarity and inner knowing into your everyday life. Learn life mastery tools to tune in, connect and harness your infinite supply of knowing and guidance while bringing harmony and rich fulfillment into your life.

Brophy Art Gallery
139 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672
Investment in yourself $33 – Limited to just 15 people

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