Light After Trauma – Podcast with Alyssa Scolari

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Image used with permission from A Homecoming by Paul Bond Fine Art

Wondering if There is More to Life?

Alyssa is so awesome! We had a very cool conversation. We talked about a “Rose Corner” and I certainly want to be an advocate for that. What isn’t revealed to you the listener in this exchange – is the message Spirit delivered through Alyssa to me. When she says my flowers emit “serenity” that was a very important nod to me from the universe. The universe is always nodding to us.

Perhaps listening to this show will be a nod to you in some way. Perhaps you will hear something in just the right way, at just the right time that will awaken something in you that is beautiful and profound. This is why we listen.
Alyssa and I go even deeper into the “signs” I received from the universe that were assisting me in getting onto my path of purpose. My ego had a LOT of resistance, but when I demonstrated a little willingness in “just going for one weekend” it changed my entire life.

Perhaps that is all we ever need is just a little willingness. Just a small yes in a direction we’ve not been in before. Just a little teeny tiny footing out of our comfort zone to open us to something amazing.

Options are everywhere, just take a look around.

Here is the link to this wonderful show.

Alyssa Scolari is a trauma therapist, she works with adolescents and adults who have histories of loss and trauma, many who have coped by developing raging eating disorders, addictions, self-harm behaviors, unexplainable rage, etc. Simultaneously, she is navigating my own journey of recovery from Complex PTSD. Over the years, she has realized that, although at times we can only feel darkness, there is in fact light to be found find in the aftermath of loss and trauma.

Yet, when she looks around, she still sees a world full of trauma survivors who are carrying so much shame, guilt, anger, and fear. She sees how trauma causes us to cope in ways that can be life-threatening. From her experiences and throughout her career, she has realized that despite the many powerhouse trauma warriors that are already in this field, fighting to spread awareness and messages of hope, there is still so much work to be done.

Ultimately, this sparked the idea for this podcast. It has been created for those who are looking for support, connection, and guidance on how to reclaim their lives and ultimately THRIVE in the aftermath of grief, loss, and unbearable pain.
The LAT podcast launched in late August of 2020. In just over six months since the launch, we have achieved over 15,000 downloads across six continents, all fifty of the United States, and sixty-four countries! Alyssa says, “This whole process has been so humbling and I cannot wait to see where the LAT podcast takes us in the upcoming months!”

I am honored to be a guest on Light After Trauma.