Uncover your magic | Turning our ego into a servant of our higher self with Donna Bond

Uncover your magic | Turning our ego into a servant of our higher self with Donna Bond

uncover your magic podcast with ashley gonor

Ashley really does her homework. She really read my book and her questions were specific and unique and she got me to cry.

I recognize many of you who know me don’t think it’s a big deal that I cried, but I want to share why it was.

What is incredibly unique and amazing about Ashley is her level of Presence. She is WITH YOU. She was incredibly attuned to what I was sharing and she rode every crest and every valley as I shared my storied life with her. She held such a presence that I was invited to go there. To go back to the actual moments on the plane with the divine guidance. To meeting my husband and agreeing to marry him after knowing him for just three weeks. To waking up out of a sound sleep because I had a fishhook puncturing my left breast and it was messy and bloody and real.
She took me there.

And, I am reminded about something I know to be true. That as a coach, facilitator, speaker, writer…..all of it. The more PRESENT I am, the more the Truth gets revealed. Not only for me, but for my client. The more we get out of the way and just allow the Spirit of Life to move through us, the more authentic and natural it is.

I loved my interview with Ashley. She really is magic and she really does know how to uncover it. It’s a gift. She gave it to me.

I am so grateful.

Here is the link where you can listen to our talk on her amazing show.

Turning Our Ego Into A Servant of Our Higher Self with Donna Bond
Ep. 72

Ashley Said:
The connection between our higher self and us is way more substantial than what we think it is. It is usually hard to see because it is covered up with the programming we receive since we are kids; it is hidden behind society’s idea of what human life should look, feel, and taste like.

Joining me today is Donna Bond, a fabulous woman I’ve met thanks to my dear friend, Elly Molina. Donna is an Igniter of Light, Catalyst for Personal Transformation, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, and Author of Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You. Before dedicating her life to empower people through a process of personal evolution, she had an extensive and successful career in marketing, being the recipient of the Western Regional Marketing Award three years in a row and Director of Marketing at Ritz-Carlton.

In this episode, Donna and I fall into a rabbit hole of self-discovery, self-love, and connection with our higher self. She shared beautiful stories of her constant communication with the universe, the story of how she met the love of her life, and the time she made a vow of never again violating her intuition after going for a second opinion regarding a breast cancer diagnosis.
Tune in to Episode 72 of Uncover Your Magic and know this unique and empowered woman and her incredible journey of self-discovery and connection with the universe.