How to Actually Feel Fulfilled | Ep 201 STAND SPEAK SHINE podcast w/Donna Bond

How to Actually Feel Fulfilled | Ep 201 STAND SPEAK SHINE podcast w/Donna Bond

Alert! Name change of this podcast! Women Seeking Wholeness is now…drum roll puh-lease…STAND SPEAK SHINE. If you want to learn more about why the name change and what it means, listen to my 200th episode: Why I Am No Longer Seeking, found here:…/200-why-i-am-no-longer…/

Now for Episode 201: How to Actually Feel Fulfilled

Have you, like me, experienced pervasive periods of feeling EMPTY, lost, and alone throughout your life?

I very recently had a profound awakening as to why these deeply unpleasant feelings of emptiness continued to cyclically rear their ugly head (and I do mean ugly) – even when things were going smoothly in my life. It was meaningful, in this episode, to discuss this pattern with my new friend, Donna.

Donna Bond @donnabondcoach is coming to us from the gorgeous land of Costa Rica! She’s a Spiritual, Life & Business Coach and the Author of “Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You.” I think you’ll love this rich New Year conversation (plus, it was recorded on my birthday, Jan 2).

🎆 Practical ways to bring in self-acceptance on the regular!
🎆 The ONLY thing that will make you feel satisfied and “filled up”
🎆 “Hang Up the How” – it’s not all on you.

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