Soul Hearted Living – The Four Sets of Whole Self Mastery

SOUL HEARTED LIVING ® is the full embrace of both your High Self and Your Human Self. It’s the embodiment of your Original Wisdom and living your life from there. Through Mind Set, Heart Set, Skill Set and Soul Set you learn Whole-Self Mastery ® which is a way to relate to yourself and our world from a more conscious place. Original Wisdom is the inherent intelligence in all of us that is rooted in unconditional loving.

MIND SET is an updated perspective. A viewpoint derived through higher consciousness. Principles, perspectives, and possibilities that support alignment with universal law. This is about how you relate to your thinking. An outlook on life through which you see and hear the world. Your Mind Set exists in the mental realm.

HEART SETS are high human qualities you embody and emanates from within. These inherent aspects result naturally when one resides in their Original Wisdom and lives from this conscious Way of Being. Heart Sets produce a more rewarding, fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful experience of one’s life inspiring them to share this with others. This is about how you relate to your feelings. Heart Sets exists in the emotional realm.

SKILL SETS are a collection of intentional self-supporting tools and abilities which, when utilized, improve the quality of your life. These are the tools that incorporate the Mind Set and Heart Set in working with yourself to reside in your Original Wisdom and to live from that place. The Skill Sets promote knowledge and experience in relating to oneself, one’s world and one’s life in a more conscious, intentional and loving way. This is about how you relate to your behavior. These are tangible tools one uses to navigate the physical world.

SOUL SET is the inherent intelligence in all living beings rooted in unconditional love. This is your Original Wisdom. The tangible experience of understanding oneself as the presence of love. This is about you as part of the whole of creation. This is the BIG LOVE of which you are a part. This is the essence of LOVE that is naturally present in your true, authentic nature. This is a Way of Being. This Soul Set is about experiencing yourself and the world through the lens of the BIG LOVE and relating to your life as a Divine Spiritual Being on a human adventure. This takes place in the energetic realms and experienced through your Spiritual nature.

Soul-Hearted Living is taught in part in the masterclass Empower the Authentic You with onna Bond. If you would like to learn more or register visit