Original Wisdom; Harness the Power of the Authentic You Book Trailer

Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You
It’s time to let Spirit Girl out of the closet.
Now is the time to rewrite the story of not being good enough and reclaim your Authentic Self.
You are a beautiful, empowered, radiant, drop of God. You are a divine spiritual Being on a human adventure. You are here to express the magnificence that is you. You are here to learn to respect, honor, and love your sweet self and your whole life. I am here to remind you how.
With this uplifting guide to personal growth, you will:

•Recognize, respect, and honor yourself so you can experience your wholeness.
•Celebrate your Human Self with reverence and trust your Higher Self with confidence.
•Learn to embrace everything on your path, so you can continue to grow.
•Observe the miracles in your ordinary daily life so you can enrich your experience.
•Let go of old identities and stories of not enoughness and reclaim your authentic self.
•Identify new beliefs to consider and cultivate supportive behaviors to adopt.
•Develop a practice of radical self-acceptance
•Stop the “doing” and embrace a new “way of being”
•Transcend fear and courageously take action
•Develop self-trust by listening to your intuition.
•Raise your personal vibration to clarify your life’s purpose.

I’m sharing my story with you in the hopes that it will resonate inside you at a deep level and inspire you to wake up and reclaim your sovereignty as a divine Being who is having a human adventure. Deep within you, you know all of this because it’s your Original Wisdom. I am just here to ignite it.
This book also includes:
12 Opportunities for Transformation – self-guided experiential activities for engagement
12 Sacred Truth Activations – personal decree healing transmissions
Life-mastery tools throughout
Reclaim your authentic self with this illuminating memoir of personal transformation for women based on the practice of Spiritual Psychology. By integrating the wholeness of your Higher Self and your Human Self, you will transform your consciousness and empower your life from the inside out. Walk with me as I share my profound journey with you. Awaken Soul-centered practice for self-love. Learn how to be happy with yourself and your life. Activate the authentic power that resides within you —your Original Wisdom.

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