Dreambuilding Coaching

If you breathe for the next 365 days, you are going to live another year of your life. You can either live by design or by default. Using the Dreambuilder Technology one can make the shift from living a condition-driven life into living a vision-driven life. And I speak from experience.

The greatest investment you can make in yourself is your own personal development.

Everyone has a dream. What is yours?

A rich relationship with someone supportive, awakened, caring, more loving and fun?
Optimal health and well-being, flexibility, freedom in movement, acuity of mind?
A vocation or life purpose that inspires you to expand into your creative expression?
Is it more time, money and freedom? What do you long for? What is your dream?

Shift from a condition-driven life to a vision driven life by learning and applying this proven thinking technology for a happier, more fulfilled life. In this 12 week journey with Transformational Life Coach Donna Bond, as your guide, you will quickly begin to identify what you would really love and begin to manifest it into physical world reality using the law of attraction. Through the process, discover who you truly are along the way. The power of the Dreambuilder technology will support you in providing a framework to make profound and positive change in your life. Not just in the short term, but for life.

If you’re curious about the 12 week journey, give yourself permission to experiment.
Work with me.

The results of learning this technology are many. It will create a shift and re-program of old negative patterns, increase your positive self-image and up-level your possibility thinking.

To achieve this, we will be working together one time per week for 12 weeks on a private coaching call, at a mutually convenient time. The program comprises a Dreambuilder kit which includes transformational audio and a guidebook. Using these support tools combined with our weekly coaching, action plans and partnering with the universe, you will think differently, act in a new way and begin to attract the resources, connections and ideal circumstances to bring forward a life you would love.

Here are the big take-a-ways:

  1. Living From the Point of Power Within
  2. Defining and Designing Your Dream
  3. Taking Steps In The Direction of Your Dream
  4. Navigating The Gap
  5. Learning a Skillset For Life

Even though this is a “program”, you don’t really want the program. What you want is really about what the program is going to give you—the tools to manifest your dreams.

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The dreambuilder vision workshop and coaching program was designed, developed and created by Mary Morrissey. The content outlined here, is from her program.