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Your Imagination – Packed in Your Earth Suit Tool Kit

When you agreed to come here to planet Earth you were sent with many gifts. One of those gifts is your imagination. It got packed in your Earth Suit Tool Kit and EVERYBODY got one! The magical thing about our imagination is that it’s directly connected to our hearts.

What would you imagine if you didn’t believe it was impossible?

And, what if our thoughts were the currency by which we “put our order in” with the universe?

Quantum physics and quantum mechanics […]

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Part the Clouds

Part the Clouds

My first husband never really understood me, but I do think he was trying to catch on to my ways. When I would decide on something and then start taking action in that direction, regardless of if (he thought) it made sense or not – he would say, “Are you trying to part the clouds again?” because I honestly believed that I could.

So, why do we get stuck thinking that we “can’t”? Why don’t think we […]

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