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Trump as Divine Intervention

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. As I’ve matured in this notion it has deepened in my knowing that the universe is indeed perfect. That everything is always happening for the highest and best good. That everything unfolding is always for a higher purpose.

Even when it’s something we don’t prefer. Even when it’s something that looks really ugly.

Can we make the shift into believing that this is all happening for a reason? Can […]

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The Eye-Opening Point of Life

Replay or Reinvent?

Another Monday. People everywhere are beginning their week by hitting the replay button from the previous week. We are rolling quickly into the holidays as the Costco and Target have their Christmas decorations out and we haven’t yet hit Halloween. Any minute, another year will come to a close.

We are going to keep breathing. Our hearts will beat another 42 million times. And another year will click by. And another. And another. And yet we have a choice. […]

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Leaning Into Lack

By Leaning into lack, we can un-kink our hose.

Everyone wakes up feeling lousy once in a while, feeling our lack. Some of us more than others. In the past I used to wake up feeling lousy and lack-luster on a regular basis. Now it’s the aberration, not the norm. Today, I did everything to move myself out of this funk and it seemed nothing was working. I had a massage and went to see my NSA therapist. I experienced a […]

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OCInSite – Choosing Magic

Do we want to live a meaningless life filled with happenstance and coincidence or do we want to live a life filled with magic? It really is a choice. It’s actually a perspective.

For so long I questioned what is real? What is true? I’ve come to realize in this existence, in which we do create our own reality, I get to choose what is true for me. And that’s all that really matters. And I choose magic.

The presence of magic […]

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Huffington Post – Creating My Own Reality by Way of Manifesting Apples

In March of 2014 my husband and I began experimenting with creating our own reality. I’d been feeling trapped in my own with a career that was consuming my life, ruining my health and causing me a great deal of unhappiness. How could this be since I had the money, recognition, successful results, big bonus checks, and was working along-side amazing people? I was petrified and embarrassed to admit to anyone, especially myself, that ALL THIS was not all that! […]

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Manifest the Year Ahead – Ten Simple Steps

I would like to share my insights to my own personal success as it pertains to manifestation. First off, I believe this works because I am living proof of using this magic formula in my own life and second, when we can create on a quantum level, we are literally moving molecules. Shaping energy. We live in a damn HOLOGRAM! We are powerful creators beyond our knowing. If we can simply approach our lives believing that IT IS POSSIBLE, we are already […]

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Earth Angel – Madeline Giles, Angelic Breath Healing

Madeline Giles is a beautiful healer with unique magical gifts. I am so blessed to have experienced her grace through her Angelic Breath Healing Technique and I am so grateful she is another soul on our earth whose mission it is to raise the vibration on the planet. I am pleased to share my experience with Madeline here and recommend it for anyone who seeks the grace of the mystical and the power of profound healing.

Just meeting Madeline and being […]

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Angels Among Us – Soul Acknowledgement

Angels among us is soul acknowledgement for Johnna Trimmer, as she is raising the vibration on the planet.

Over the course of the last year I have been witness to many miracles in my life.  I quit my job, started my own business, earned a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, found cancer in my body through a dream and cured it wholly by allowing myself to be guided by the universe. All of this happened in twelve months. Pretty incredible right?

While […]

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Let Love Surprise You

Let Love Surprise You

Today, I want to acknowledge Ashely, a young woman in my class at USM – who started a movement called Let Love Surprise You. Ashley writes love letters and leaves them in places where the perfect person will find them. One of the things I want my blog to accomplish is acknowledging the souls on the planet that are also dedicating their “mission” to raising the vibration on the planet. So I am honored to have my first Soul […]

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