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And The Only Way Out is Through

It is in the resistance to the unpleasant parts of our lives that keeps us in the suffering. When our idealized crystal views about ourselves are shattered and the fragments of our soul come spilling over the edge of our lives, it is only in the acceptance that we are able to be free. It is only in the forgiveness of ourselves, for being human, that growth can and will occur. It is only in the allowing of the pain […]

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Let Love Surprise You

Let Love Surprise You

Today, I want to acknowledge Ashely, a young woman in my class at USM – who started a movement called Let Love Surprise You. Ashley writes love letters and leaves them in places where the perfect person will find them. One of the things I want my blog to accomplish is acknowledging the souls on the planet that are also dedicating their “mission” to raising the vibration on the planet. So I am honored to have my first Soul […]

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