Leaning Into Lack

By Leaning into lack, we can un-kink our hose. Everyone wakes up feeling lousy once in a while, feeling our lack. Some of us more than others. In the past I used to wake up feeling lousy and lack-luster on a regular basis. Now it’s the aberration, not the norm. Today, I did everything to…
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Dreambuilder Class – August 7, 2015

Register today for the next Dreambuilder Class, August 7, 2015. My mentor Mary Morrissey says, "If you breathe for the next 365 days, you are going to live another year of your life. You can either live by design or by default." This resonated with me so deeply I began teaching her Dreambuilder Technology helping people…
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Your Imagination – Packed in Your Earth Suit Tool Kit

When you agreed to come here to planet Earth you were sent with many gifts. One of those gifts is your imagination. It got packed in your Earth Suit Tool Kit and EVERYBODY got one! The magical thing about our imagination is that it’s directly connected to our hearts. What would you imagine if you…
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Dream It Up

What would you love to create in your life? This little talk (it’s about an hour) is the pre-cursor to Mary Morrissey’s Dreambuilder Course that I teach. Mary is an inspirational teacher who has been speaking and teaching Spiritual truths for more than forty years. She is my mentor and I am so proud to be…
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