As an inspirational speaker, when I speak to a group with either a keynote or a workshop facilitation, I call on all of my experience to support the message I am sharing. This brings together all my experience as a speaker, corporate executive, a professional coach, a Spiritual seeker, a breast cancer survivor and a woman who totally reinvented her life from the inside out at age forty-five.

The speaking I love to do are about incredible personal stories of self-discovery, acknowledgement of the human Spirit and events that transformed my extraordinary life. My intention when I speak is to engage and lift you up. To help you remember how incredibly Divine you are and that you can do anything. My intention in speaking is to open your heart, shift your perspective and ignite your spirit within. My intention is to inspire you to speak your truth.

Renew You

Renew your mind and your Spirit as we engage your consciousness. Learn strategies to care for yourself in self-honoring ways. Awaken within you, the desire to provide loving support and attention to the most important person in your life experience. You!
Speaking Program 45 Minutes

Dream It Up!

Take a journey where you can discover and deliver the dreams of your own heart. What do you want to experience in this life? Harness the power within you to bring forward what you would love. Consider the power of your thoughts beyond positive thinking. Uncover secrets of Universal Law through a famous quote by Henry David Thoreau. Be inspired to journey the path of self-discovery and connecting to your own heart. What do you want to experience? Dream it up!
Speaking Program 90 Minutes

Living Life from the Soul’s Perspective

We are Divine Spiritual Beings on a human adventure. Shifting our viewpoint to see life from the Soul’s perspective empowers us with the knowing that we are creators. Embrace the idea that we are choosing all of our experiences and within them, gifts are waiting to be discovered. What does your Soul want you to learn about the situation that is most troubling to you today? Feel the empowerment unfold when you take 100% responsibility for everything happening in your life.
Speaking Program 45 minutes

When You’re True to Yourself, The Universe Gives You a Gift

In this remarkable love story, you will be uplifted with the magic and unlimited possibilities that exist in our life. Discover how honoring your true feelings is what leads to our deepest level of happiness, joy and fulfillment. On the healing journey path that is our life, honoring our Sacred Contracts are what unfold into the gifts and blessings we never could have imagined for ourselves. Let your heart expand as Donna shares the extraordinary coming together between her and her husband – award winning oil painter, Paul Bond. This husband-wife duo both now lift the human Spirit with the work they do in the world with their company Consciousness Rising, Inc.
Speaking Program 60 minutes

Transcending the Hook

This share is about how listening to my intuition, saved my life. It’s about how we allow ourselves to get hooked into thing that take over our life – at the expense of our loved ones and our life. Today, after a complete reinvention from my old life as a hospitality marketing executive I share how I opted out of chemo-therapy and into a whole-istic lifestyle changing how I engaged with life on the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual levels. Today I am cancer free and thriving in my extraordinary life. My intention in sharing this remarkable story about how slowing down and tuning in is the secret to aliveness on so many levels.
Speaking Program 60 minutes

Audience sharing and one on one coaching in a group setting is also available.

WOW, Donna! You were terrific on every level to me.

“Your public speaking skills are wonderful…very polished and professional. Seems like you have been doing it for a long while. Great command of the information too! You seemed prepared to me and very fluent with the content. Loved your personal story and how you made it fit with the content and the message. So good.

This surprised me as well: I thought I would be watching this and just critiquing you and all of the above. I never expected to personally connect with what you are saying……but I did! I even got choked up when you got choked up. I was engaged and reflective on how what you were saying related to me on different levels. I Really didn’t expect that.”

— Michael D, RVP Hotel Operations, Interstate Hotels & Resorts

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.