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Professional Life Coaching for Transformation

Be it in a professional business setting or in your personal life, Donna Bond’s Professional Life Coaching using Spiritual Psychology and Soul Centered Facilitation assists clients along the labyrinth of their own Soul quest. As a Life Coach and Soul-Centered facilitator, Donna will help you envision and manifest your true desires and create a life you love. As a transformational difference maker in human potential she will assist you in achieving new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and Spiritual aliveness. Gifts are bestowed upon us and richness unfolds in our life through the journey of self-discovery and the process of awakening into who we truly are.

Donna uses Spiritual Psychology as the basis for her coaching practice. Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of the art and science of Conscious Awakening. … Put another way, Spiritual Psychology is a technology that empowers clients to convert their everyday life experiences into rungs on the ladder of Spiritual Awakening.

Donna studied Spiritual Psychology under innovators and pioneers Dr’s Ron & Mary Hulnick, the founding faculty and co-directors at the University of Santa Monica (USM), the Worldwide Center for the Study & Practice of Spiritual Psychology.

What you can expect through this process:

  • Uncovering blocks that have kept you from greater success and personal fulfillment
  • Releasing limiting beliefs and misinterpretations of reality
  • Manifesting a clear pathway to step forward into who you really are
  • Supporting yourself in using your gifts and talents for success on the Goal Line
  • Discovering more joy, fulfillment and aliveness in your own life

Our lives are a series of clues that are meant to unfold at the precise right time. Embracing all that this path offers requires we embody the archetype of the Seeker. Through pursuing the inward path, there is deep Soul guidance asking us to trust and to follow the breadcrumbs. The fulfillment, the joy and the richness that is revealed in your life within this process, is profound.

Having been a Spiritual seeker since the very young age of 12, now holding a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing Donna has experienced much success on the Goal Line of life yet is deeply and profoundly connected to the Spiritual side of her nature. Donna Bond is uniquely qualified to assist others along their path of self-discovery and personal transformation. Her life experience as a breast cancer survivor and someone who has totally and successfully transformed her own life,  can support you with loving understanding and gentle guidance along your own path.

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Donna Bond - Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Psychology Coach and Speaker
Donna Bond - Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Psychology Coach and Speaker