Professional Business Coaching

People want to be inspired. People want to grow. People want to accomplish great things. People want to be coached.

And they want your help.

For our organizations to thrive and prosper, they must be led by focused, thoughtful leaders who embody an integrated approach to life. To create organizations that are resilient, able to adapt to changing market conditions and deliver exceptional results, we need to sustain, cultivate and expand talent – not deplete it. Professional coaching with me can assist in bringing out the greatest potential in your team members.

With the incredible pace of today’s business environment and the overall landscape of life’s busyness, ensuring our leaders are healthy and balanced in all the areas of their lives is a forward-looking strategy for growth.

Professional business coaching provides a safe confidential space. Professional business coaching is a confidential conversation leading to increased overall performance in life.

You can expect benefits of coaching with me to look something like this.

◦ Conscious leadership with a higher level of overall awareness
◦ Leaders overcome their fears and navigate the obstacles holding them back
◦ Relationships are strengthened and flourish
◦ People shift out of overthinking and self-doubt and in to unlimited possibility
◦ Cultivates a safe environment to uncover and discuss weak spots without judgement
◦ Supports slowing down and showing up fully present
◦ Fosters the ability to take 100% responsibility for one’s life and all the experiences in it
◦ Promotes clarity around life purpose, meaning and vision
◦ Supports being less reactive and more neutral to outside influences and unexpected events
◦ Enhances awareness of one’s inherent worth and value as a human being
◦ Inspires people to connect to their inner wisdom, vision and purpose
◦ Accountability for a bigger version of one’s potential, operating at peak performance

Professional Coaching Provides Tools for:

◦ Accessing inner wisdom and knowing
◦ Moving past judgements of self and others
◦ Converting life’s set-backs into feedback for future successes
◦ Taking ownership of one’s own internal experience, not dictated by outside circumstances
◦ Shifting perspective and seeing one’s world differently

During the coaching process there is a cultivation of “Life” qualities that support the individual in their life – be it in business or any other segment of their life. I coach the WHOLE person, because it’s our whole self that participates in all the areas of our life. Some of the life qualities include:

◦ Self-Awareness and Self- Acceptance
◦ Courage
◦ More Joy and Aliveness
◦ Taking Ownership
◦ Ability to Shift Perspective
◦ Expanded Creativity
◦ Higher Consciousness
◦ Compassion and Love

If something in your life is missing, it’s probably you
— Robert Holden, Ph.D